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Michael Sutherland is an actor who played a Ventu in the Star Trek: Voyager seventh season episode "Natural Law". As a background actor he received no credit for this role but was identified by the call sheets of the episode. A black undershirt which was worn by Sutherland on Voyager and which was later re-used for wear by Connor Trinneer in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Twilight" was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

Sutherland had featured and supporting roles in the sequel Batman Returns (1992, with Vincent Schiavelli, Anna Katarina, Doug Jones, Branscombe Richmond, Diane Salinger, Sean Whalen, Henry Kingi, Sr., Biff Yeager, Susan Rossitto, Felix Silla, Anthony DeLongis, and Lena Banks), the thriller Above Suspicion (1995, with Kim Cattrall, Ron Canada, Natalija Nogulich, Joanna Miles, Michelle Bonilla, and Joy Hooper), the television bio-pic Norma Jean & Marilyn (1996, with Ashley Judd, John Rubinstein, Earl Boen, Jeffrey Combs, Steven Culp, Terrence O'Connor, David Drew Gallagher, Dan Warner, and Sam Anderson), the television thriller Murder in the Mirror (2000, with Nan Martin, David A. Kimball, and Greg Bronson), the short thriller Execution at County Jail (2005), the television drama Hidden Places (2006, with Time Winters), the Gilmore Girls episode "I Get a Sidekick Out of You" (2006), and the crime drama Changeling (2008, with Ric Sarabia, Colby French, Scott Leva, John Harrington Bland, Mary Stein, Andre Alexsen, Gary Buckner, Michael Lovern, and Patrizia Milano).

Sutherland also worked as stand-in on the comedy Special Delivery (1999, with Katrina Carlson, Brett Cullen, and Paul Dooley) and the drama Nailed (2001, with Gina Philips), for actor Brian Bosworth on the action sequel Mach 2 (2000, with Michael Dorn, Robert Pine, John Putch, Jennifer Hammon, Jean-Paul Vignon, and Anita Hart), for Matthew Modine on the television drama Expert Witness (2003), and for Blake Shields on the television series Sleeper Cell (2005, starring Henri Lubatti).

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