Michael Webb was a Human who lived in the San Francisco Sanctuary District in 2024. He had a wife and two children; a son named Danny and a daughter named Jeannie. After losing his job as a plant manager for ChemTech Industries, Webb became a civil rights advocate for the residents of the Sanctuary.

Webb asked Benjamin Sisko and Julian Bashir, who had been transported by accident to his time period from the 24th century, to help him improve the living conditions in the community. When riots broke out, Webb became one of its leaders, but wished to reason with the authorities. Webb met with the authorities and demanded that all Sanctuary Districts be closed and the Federal Employment Act be reinstated. The authorities ordered troops to retake the Sanctuary. Webb tried to protect the hostages and take them into a safe area of the center, but was killed by a SWAT team. (DS9: "Past Tense, Part I", "Past Tense, Part II")

Webb was played by Bill Smitrovich.
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