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Michael William Rivkin is the actor who portrayed DaiMon Nunk in the Star Trek: Voyager seventh season episode "Inside Man". He is probably best known for his role as the man with Harvey, the dog in the science fiction sequel Men in Black II (2002, along Jack Kehler, Michael Bailey Smith, Mary Stein, Paige Brooks, Kevin Grevioux, Derek Mears, Gene LeBell, and Bart Mixon) and as a member of the comedy/rap duo Supafloss.

Rivkin started his acting career in the late '80s and appeared in films such as the thriller Freeway Maniac (1989, with Donald Hotton and Gary Wayton), the comedy The Shot (1996, with Jack Kehler and Natalia Nogulich), Ben Stiller's comedy The Cable Guy (1996, with Andy Dick, Tommy Hinkley, Lloyd Kino, Charles Napier, Christopher Michael, David Bowe, and Sean Whalen), the comedy Dead Man on Campus (1998), the comedy Desperate But Not Serious (1999, with Patti Tippo, John Fleck, Herta Ware, and Joy Kilpatrick), and Tim Robbins' drama Cradle Will Rock (1999, with Lee Arenberg, Harris Yulin, Tony Amendola, and Patti Tippo).

He also appeared in television series, including Seinfeld (1994, with Jason Alexander and Thomas Dekker), Grace Under Fire (1995, with Jon Paul Steuer and Paul Dooley), Jenny (1997, along Alex Nevil, Richard Libertini, and Rebecca McFarland), Judging Amy (1999, with Lawrence Pressman and Michael Buchman Silver), and Charmed (2000, with J.P. Romano).

His Star Trek: Voyager role was followed by the science fiction films The Zeros (2001, with Jennifer Morrison) and The Void (2001, with Malcolm McDowell), the ER episode The Show Must Go On (2005, with Scott Grimes, Leland Orser, and Lily Mariye), the short science fiction film The Futurist (2005), and two appearances in the comedy series Kitchen Confidential (2005 and 2006, along with John Cho and Clement von Franckenstein in the former episode and John Cho, Frank Langella, and Concetta Tomei in the latter one).

More recently, Rivkin played a supporting role in the comedy Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny (2006, with Stephanie Erb and Bevin Kaye), had a guest role in the House M.D. episode One Day, One Room (2007, with Jennifer Morrison), and completed the comedy Barry Munday (2008, with Malcolm McDowell, Christopher McDonald, Michael Durrell, and Matt Winston).

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