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Michelle Hurd (born 21 December 1966; age 53) is an American actress who will be a series regular in the first season of the upcoming Star Trek: Picard. [1] Hurd is German-American, with her mother being a native United States citizen and her father, a German immigrant.

Hurd made her acting debut in 1989's Rude Awakening with Cliff DeYoung and Andrea Martin. Hurd's next film was the telepic Justice League of America (1997) alongside Miguel Ferrer, John Kassir, and David Ogden Stiers. Hurd followed with 1998's Wilbur Falls costarring Sally Kellerman. The 20th century for Hurd concluded with a costarring role in 1999's romance drama Random Hearts joining Bill Cobbs and Susanna Thompson. In 2012, Hurd reunited with Andrea Martin in Girl Most Likely, which also costarred Padma Lakshmi. That same year was the Christmas telefilm Naughty or Nice with Googy Gress and Wade Andrew Williams. For 2015, Hurd took on Beautiful & Twisted with Jude Ciccolella.

Hurd's best known lead role on series television is as New York Police Detective Monique Jeffries on the Law & Order spinoff Special Victims Unit, only starring in the first season from 1999-2000 and sporadically in the second (2000). The series premiere "Payback" featured Ronald Guttman; "A Single Life" counted Michael Nouri as a guest; "...Or Just Look Like One" had Carolyn McCormick carrying her role of Doctor Elizabeth Olivet from the parent series as well as Todd Stashwick; "Closure" with Olivia Birkelund; "Bad Blood" with Ken Land; "Limitations" with John Doman; "The Third Guy" was directed by Jud Taylor; "Misleader" with Robert Foxworth; "Remorse" with Josh Pais; and the second season premiere "Wrong Is Right" featured a return performance by John Doman. Hurd was written out of the show before the season concluded in 2001. In 2009, to launch the 8th season of CSI:Miami, Hurd leant her time to the premiere "Out of Time" joining Brad William Henke and Angelo Tiffe, an episode set in 1997.

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Hurd is known for her part as New York fashion photog Laurel on the teen soap drama Gossip Girl from 2007-8. Hurd appeared with Caroline Lagerfelt in the Season 2 premiere "Summer, Kind of Wonderful", as well as "The Dark Night" and "The Ex-Files" both with Mädchen Amick all in 2008.

Since 2014, she has played the recurring role of Renee Grover on Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci's Hawaii Five-0 reboot television series.

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