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Chell uses a micro-resonator

A micro-resonator was a tool used by Starfleet engineers to degauss relatively small devices. For larger objects, a magneton scanner could accomplish the same task.

In 2371, as part of a crash course in Starfleet training, Tuvok had Crewman Chell degauss the transporter pad with a micro-resonator to learn "patience". Tuvok estimated it would take approximately 26.3 hours to complete; Torres stated that the magneton scanner would take five minutes. (VOY: "Learning Curve")

The use of a micro-resonator, instead of the magneton scanner, for this chore is analogous the 24th century equivalent of using "a toothbrush to clean a floor."
The prop device seen was later re-used as a scanning device in the second season episode "Resistance".
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