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A political map of the Middle East

The Middle East was a region on Earth. It extended from the middle of North Africa into Asia with its borders touching the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. Maps of the Middle East were present on the library computer of the USS Enterprise in 2254. (TOS: "The Cage")


The ancient pyramids, located in the Middle East

Osama Bin Laden with a rifle in a Middle Eastern base

The Middle East was an ancient region on Earth, hosting some of the oldest known Human civilizations on the planet. The region of Mesopotamia was located in the Middle East as was the ancient city of Uruk. (TOS: "Requiem for Methuselah"; TNG: "Darmok")

The alien Kukulkan visited the region in the past, resulting in the construction of pyramids, specifically in the nation of ancient Egypt. The Bible was mainly set in the Middle East, and most of its characters originated there, including figures like Moses, David, Solomon, and Jesus Christ. Alexander the Great once controlled an empire that encompassed parts of the Middle East. Flint claimed to have originated from Uruk, and lived as several of the aforementioned figures, notably Alexander and Solomon. (TOS: "Requiem for Methuselah")

During the 20th century, the Middle East produced figures such as Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. (ENT: "Future Tense", "Storm Front, Part II")



The map of the region shown in "The Cage" (sourced from a contemporary CIA map) shows the outlines of all large countries in the region, that is, Jordan, Libya, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Yemen. However, the labels identifying them were undecipherable and unverifiable.


Furthermore, Babel seems to be named for the middle eastern city, and the song "Jerusalem" alludes to the city with the same name in a metaphorical manner.

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