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For the fictitious mirror universe counterpart, please see Migleemo (mirror).
"He's the worst counselor in the fleet! He just tosses out nonstop food metaphors!"

Doctor Migleemo was a member of an ornithoid species who served as a Starfleet officer during the late 24th century. He was a counselor aboard the USS Cerritos, and often peppered his speech with food-related metaphors. His food metaphors annoyed his shipmates, and his use of them as part of his therapy style, often at the expense of useful advice, caused them to dread sessions with him and not trust him as a therapist. (LD: "Crisis Point", "Trusted Sources", "The Stars At Night")

Starfleet career[]


In 2380, Captain Carol Freeman ordered her daughter, Ensign Beckett Mariner, to undergo therapy with Dr. Migleemo, despite Mariner's protests that he was incompetent and would only ramble about food. He noted the frequent examples of insubordination in Mariner's report, and suggested that she make paella as a means of channeling her rage. (LD: "Crisis Point")


In 2381, when the bridge crew were discussing the Collector's Guild, Captain Freeman mentioned that the collectors all tried to collect Data. Migleemo regarded this with sadness, as he cried and asked why they could not simply leave Data alone, as he "just wanted to feel."

Later that same day, after the away team returned to the Cerritos from their away mission on Kerner Hauze's starship, Migleemo found Lieutenant Kayshon, who had been turned into a puppet, in sickbay. Migleemo contemplated using Kayshon for puppet therapy, but he was prevented from doing so by Dr. T'Ana, who told him to acknowledge the sign on Kayshon's biobed stating not to play with him, as he was not a real puppet. (LD: "Kayshon, His Eyes Open")

The same year, Migleemo had avoided his annual physical exam, until Dr. T'Ana had Ensign D'Vana Tendi track him down along with a list of others. (LD: "Mugato, Gumato")

Migleemo had accumulated collection of "stuff" that was required to be collected as part of anomaly consolidation duty. After Ensign Tendi discovered his name on the list of items to collect, she admitted that she "didn't know he even went on missions." In visiting his office, it was found that he had a considerable "pile of random junk", including a "dusty goggles thing", "half of some sort of sword, and a "perfectly good storybook" copy of the Three Little Pigs that turned out to be an "energy field books that makes stories come to life. (LD: "The Spy Humongous")

Later that year, he participated in the training drills presented by Shari yn Yem. (LD: "I, Excretus")

He was in a session with Jet Manhaver when Captain Freeman requested all hands on deck to assist in removing the Cerritos' hull plating.

Later, he was in the corridor lineup to congratulate Captain Freeman on her promotion when she was, in actuality, being arrested by Starfleet Security. (LD: "First First Contact")

Migleemo also served as Ensign Tendi's mentor in the senior science officer training program. Although foreign to him, he was able to mentor Tendi with a bit of useful advice: "Captains have big egos. You need to cut through that and speak for science, which is why you will be serving as a science officer trainee with Captain Freeman today." He added, "I want you to focus on getting the captain's attention. Really prove that you've got the grapes to stand up to her." (LD: "Mining The Mind's Mines")

Later that year, he was on the bridge when the Cerritos received a distress call from former Ensign Peanut Hamper from the planet Areolus and battled a Drookmani-operated Areore ship. (LD: "A Mathematically Perfect Redemption")

He was on the bridge when the Cerritos traveled from Ornara to Brekka during Project Swing By. He glared at Mariner after she entered the bridge and informed the crew to "look alive people!", while on her way to the ready room, unaware of the trouble she was in making the ship look bad. As Migleemo and the others glared, Mariner commented on them being "a tough crowd", and that it must be true that "the camera does add ten frowns." After Mariner entered the ready room, she commented to Freeman and Ransom on how she wasn't usually concerned with the crew's morale, but the energy of Migleemo and the others was "dark".

Following the ship's arrival at Brekka, soon after, Freeman gave Migleemo command of the bridge as she left with the away team. Excited, he ordered Ensign Brad Boimler to contact his mother so she could see her "special boy" being the captain. Migleemo was still talking to her when Freeman returned, amid a Breen attack. To cover up his actions, he feigned blaming her for calling him while at work, before hanging up on her. (LD: "Trusted Sources")

He was on the bridge when the Cerritos arrived in the Portelo system. Later, he was taken hostage in the newly created T'Illups' quarters, where he was merged with Captain Freeman and was "Tuvixed" into the being known as Frigleeman. (LD: "Twovix")

Migleemo was among those telepathically affected by T'Lyn's emotional turmoil, causing him to become inordinately angry at and attack a replicator for not giving him regurgitated soup like he had wanted. (LD: "Empathological Fallacies")

In response to self-destructive behavior by now Lieutenant jg Mariner, Lieutenant Boimler suggested that Captain Freeman send her to therapy with Migleemo, but due to an impending mission to place Nick Locarno in protective custody, Freeman decided against it, reasoning that they had no time. (LD: "The Inner Fight")



Background information[]

Migleemo was voiced by Paul F. Tompkins.

According to, his first name was Gabers.

Lower Decks series creator Mike McMahan described Migleemo as being "not great at his job." [1]

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