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Mike A. Avery is a stuntman and stunt actor who performed stunts in Star Trek: Insurrection.

Avery is the son of stunt performers Joni Avery and Rick Avery and the brother of stuntman Brian Avery. He has doubled for stars such as Benjamin Mackenzie and Jesse Eisenberg.

Among his stunt resume are films such as The Little Rascals (1994, with Whoopi Goldberg and stunts by Gregory J. Barnett, Eddie Matthews, and Spiro Razatos), The Crow: City of Angels (1996, with Iggy Pop, Shelly Desai, and stunts by Simone Boisseree, Jeff Cadiente, Eliza Coleman, Doug Coleman, Christopher Doyle, Steve Kelso, and Rick Sawaya), Titanic (1997), Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004), and The Prestige (2006, with Daniel Davis, Christopher Neame, Russ Fega, and stunts by Joni Avery, Rick Avery, and Thom Williams).

Avery was also one of the "Gnorm" performers in the film A Gnome Named Gnorm (1990, with Mark Harelik, Wren T. Brown, and stunts by Andy Gill, Al Jones, Rick Avery, Noon Orsatti, and Spike Silver).

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