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Mike Boss (born 7 October 1970; age 48) has started his career in 1995 as a background actor in television and feature films. He appeared in Star Trek: First Contact as a holographic nightclub patron.

Boss was born as Daniel Maurer in Toronto, Canada and grew up in Switzerland. A lifelong athlete, Boss was a five time medal winner in gymnastics and track and field, before he has started his weight training.

Boss has also appeared as an extra in films such as the thriller Primal Fear (1996, with Terry O'Quinn and Tony Plana), the action film Eraser (1996, starring Vanessa Williams and James Cromwell), Tom Hanks' Academy Award nominated That Thing You Do! (1996), and Cameron Crowe's Academy Award winning Jerry Maguire (1996). Since then Boss has become co-founder of a production company, which developed several screenplays and the reality TV show concept "Hollywood Dreams," which was optioned by Paramount Television in 1998.

Other projects he has performed in includes the television series Baywatch, Money Rules, and Clueless (1997, with Wallace Shawn). He also served as editor for the film Peace of Heart in 2002, has appeared in several stage plays, and worked as body model for calendars and magazines.

During the past ten years, Boss has not only had leading roles in theater plays and parts in independent films, but he has also started writing and producing his own film projects. What he has learned on his pursuit of happiness is summed up in his inspiring documentary Die Traeumer (The Dreamers), which puts forth the philosophy that following one's dream is a stairway to heaven.

Boss studies acting with Emmy Award winning acting coach Fran Montano at The Actor's Workout Studio in North Hollywood and takes professional boxing lessons from Frank Duarte at Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood.

He continues writing and to this day and has completed about 20 feature screenplays, including A Taste of Freedom, Check Mate, The 13th Round, Twin Flame, The Master Game, The Runner, Gangland, and Johnny Aquarius. He also wrote twenty-one episodes for Switzerland's first web-series, Hallo Hollywood.

In 2018, Boss worked as director, writer, executive producer, editor, and actor on the horror thriller Anonymous 616.

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