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Mike Manley is a comic book artist from Detroit, Michigan. He began working in the commercial art industry at the age of 15 and drew his first comic book, Robotech Defenders in 1985 for DC Comics and then Transformers for Marvel Comics. While working for Marvel, he also worked in children's books doing artwork for Raggedy Ann and Andy, Barbie, He-Man, Captain Power, Tiny Toons, Ghost Busters, and the Muppets.

In 1989, he began working for West End Games doing artwork on their Star Wars gaming books before co-creating the Darkhawk character for Marvel. Over the next few years, he worked again for DC, this time on Batman, Shazam, and Superman before joining Dark Horse to work on Barb Wire and Predator.

In 1995, he formed his own company, Action Planet Inc., to publish comics on his own terms, and soon after joined the Warner Brothers staff to do storyboards and background artwork for a variety of their television properties including Superman, Batman: The Animated Series, and Batman Beyond. He also worked on Todd McFarlane's Spawn television series and Kevin Smith's Clerks animated series.

His only Star Trek credit is pencil art on the eighteenth issue of DC's second TNG volume, "Forbidden Fruit".

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