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Mike Washlake (born 4 November 1955; age 65) is a stuntman, stunt actor, and stunt coordinator who performed stunts as an Enterprise engineering trainee in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan under Stunt Coordinator Bill Couch, Sr.

A trained gymnast, Washlake has started his stunt career in the 1970s when he worked on the science fiction film Logan's Run (1976, coordinated by Glenn R. Wilder and Bill Couch, Sr. and with stunts by Phil Adams, Greg Barnett, Bill Couch, Jr., Paula Crist, Donna Garrett, Tom Huff, Loren Janes, Gary Morgan, Beth Nufer, Regina Parton, and Dick Ziker).

In the 1980s, he worked as stunt double for John Hillerman on an episode of Hart to Hart (1980, coordinated by Greg Barnett) and for Bill Pullman on the science fiction comedy Spaceballs (1987, coordinated by Dick Warlock and with stunts by Bob Cummings, Dane Farwell, Denney Pierce, Jesse Wayne, and Brian J. Williams). Due to his gymnastic skills, Washlake worked as stunt double for actress Daryl Hannah on the science fiction thriller Blade Runner (1982, coordinated by Gary Combs and with Janet Brady, Diane Carter, Ann Chatterton, Gilbert Combs, Gary Epper, Jim Halty, Jeff Imada, Beth Nufer, George Sawaya, and Michael Zurich).

Other stunt work include an episode of Fantasy Island (1980), the fantasy comedy Wholly Moses! (1980, with Bobby Bass, Richard E. Butler, Gilbert Combs, Andy Epper, Loren Janes, Johnny C. Meier, Bennie E. Moore, Jr., and Victor Paul), the comedy Can't Stop the Music (1980), the drama Raggedy Man (1981, with Loren Janes), the science fiction comedy Modern Problems (1981, with Bruce Barbour), the drama Love Streams (1984, with Steve M. Davison), the comedy Bachelor Party (1984, with Richard E. Butler, Phil Chong, Gilbert Combs, Gary Epper, Shawn Lane, John Moio, Tom Morga, Victor Paul, John Robotham, Brian J. Williams, and Dick Ziker), the crime drama Body Double (1984, with Nanci Rogers and Dick Warlock), the crime comedy Johnny Dangerously (1984, coordinated by John Moio and with stunts by Rick Avery, Leslie Hoffman, Gene LeBell, Pat Romano, Rick Sawaya, Jesse Wayne, Robert Herron, and Brian J. Williams), the science fiction film Explorers (1985, coordinated by Bill Couch, Sr. and with Janet Brady, Doc Charbonneau, Bill Couch, Jr., Robert Herron, Lane Leavitt, Kim Washington, Bennie E. Moore, Jr., and Jesse Wayne), the horror film Fright Night (1985, coordinated by Bill Couch, Jr. and with Christine Anne Baur, Paul Crist, Nick Dimitri, Terry James, Loren Janes, Lane Leavitt, and Kim Washington), the horror thriller Nomads (1985, coordinated by B.J. Davis and with Eddie Braun, Alan Marcus, and Gary T. Pike), the thriller Black Moon Rising (1986, coordinated by Bud Davis), the drama American Anthem (1986), the action comedy Big Trouble in Little China (1986, coordinated by Kenny Endoso and James Lew), the crime comedy A Fine Mess (1986), the comedy Touch and Go (1986, coordinated by Bill Couch, Sr.), the comedy Stewardess School (1986), the comedy Walk Like a Man (1987, coordinated by Max Kleven), the fantasy comedy The Monster Squad (1987, coordinated by John Moio), the crime comedy Sunset (1988, with Eddie Braun, Cheryl Wheeler Duncan, Allan Graf, Robert Herron, Keii Johnston, Denney Pierce, Brian J. Williams, Bobby Burns, Yannick Derrien, and Linda Fetters), the comedy License to Drive (1988), and the comedy How I Got Into College (1989).

In the 1990s, Washlake worked as stunt double for actor Peter MacNicol on the comedy Dracula: Dead and Loving It (1995, coordinated by Gary Combs) and on sixteen episodes of the comedy series Ally McBeal (1998-2001). He also doubled Sammo Hung in an episode of Martial Law (1998, coordinated by Jeff Cadiente and with stunts by Laura Albert and Kane Hodder).

Further stunt work includes the fantasy adventure Hook (1991), the action comedy Surf Ninjas (1993, with Mickey Cassidy, Monty Cox, B.J. Davis, Gary Guercio, and Eddie Mathews), the comedy sequel Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994), the television thriller Past Tense (1994, coordinated by Terry Jackson and with Noon Orsatti, Pat Romano, Don Ruffin, Lincoln Simonds, Erik Stabenau, and Brian J. Williams), the comedy Twin Sitters (1994, coordinated by Spiro Razatos), the Western Wild Bill (1995), the science fiction thriller Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace (1996, coordinated by Ken Bates and Spiro Razatos), the crime drama Last Man Standing (1996), the science fiction thriller Face/Off (1997), the comedy Bowfinger (1999), and episodes of SeaQuest DSV (1993, with Terry Jackson, Jimmy N. Roberts, and Brian J. Williams), Boy Meets World (1999), and Martial Law (1999, coordinated by Jeff Cadiente and with Brian Hite and Hiro Koda).

Washlake worked as stunt coordinator on episodes of the television series Boston Public (2000-2001), The Practice (2001), and Bella and the Bulldogs (2015-2016) and as assistant stunt coordinator on the science fiction comedy The Pod (2017, written, executive produced, and directed by Edward Conna) for which he earned a Galactic Film Festival Award nomination in the category Best Action. He doubled actor Gordon Clapp in an episode of NYPD Blue (2001) and in an episode of Mob City (2013, coordinated by Charlie Brewer), Rip Torn in the comedy American Cowslip (2009, with Chris Torres), and Philip Baker Hall in an episode of Second Chance (2016, coordinated by Carrick O'Quinn).

Washlake worked as stunt rigger on the television series Dog Eat Dog (2003), American Gladiators (2008, with Tanoai Reed), No Ordinary Family (2011, with John Dixon, Lisa Hoyle, and Antal Kalik), The Nine Lives of Chloe King (2011, with Tara Macken, Aaron Toney, Jessie Graff, and Martin De Boer), Glee (2014), Kickin' It (2011-2014), Real Husbands of Hollywood (2014), Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris (2015, coordinated by Caine Sinclair), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2014, coordinated by Tanner Gill and with Charlie Brewer, Dane Farwell, Denney Pierce, Derek Graf, Tom McComas, Dustin Meier, and Jimmy N. Roberts), The Player (2015, coordinated by Eric Norris and with Laura Albert, Eddie Braun, Derek Graf, Tim Rigby, Tim Sitarz, Kofi Yiadom, Kenny Alexander, Paul Lacovara, Jimmy N. Roberts, and Alex Chansky), Colony (2016, with Oliver Keller and Omid Zader), and American Horror Story (2016, with Lisa Hoyle, Hugh Aodh O'Brien, Mark Chadwick, Theo Kypri, and Erik Stabenau), the comedy Evan Almighty (2007), the television horror drama Locke & Key (2011, with Antal Kalik), the comedy sequel The Hangover Part III (2013), the drama Straight Outta Compton (2015, coordinated by Lin Oeding), the horror film The Veil (2016, coordinated by Pat Romano), and the short film Albedo Absolute (2016, coordinated by Sandra Gimpel).

Further credits as stunt performer include the war drama Pearl Harbor (2001), the comedy Bubble Boy (2001), the fantasy film The Scorpion King (2002, starring The Rock), the comedy Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003), the horror comedy Santa's Slay (2005), the drama The New World (2005), the thriller Deja Vu (2006), the comedy Norbit (2007), the thriller Vantage Point (2008, coordinated by Phil Culotta and Spiro Razatos and with Doc Charbonneau, Gregory J. Barnett, Gilbert Combs, John Eskobar, Dane Farwell, Mike Massa, Denney Pierce, and Justin Sundquist), the science fiction remake Total Recall (2012), and the short horror film Catatonic (2015, coordinated by Pat Romano and with Tim Gilbert) and episodes of The King of Queens (2002), Gilmore Girls (2005, with Danny Downey), American Horror Story (2012), Kickin' It (2013-2014), The Eric Andre Show (2014, with Nico Woulard), K.C. Undercover (2015, with Thom Williams), and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2015, coordinated by Tanner Gill).

More recently, Washlake worked as stunt rigger on the drama Honey Boy (2019, with Mickey Cassidy, Craig Jensen, Dennis Keiffer, Cole McKay, and Merritt Yohnka), doubled actor John Savage in the horror film Gates of Darkness (2019, with William De Vital, Natalie Diaz, Charles Grisham, and Lane Leavitt), and performed stunts in the crime drama Bad Times at the El Royale (2018, co-stunt coordinated by John Stoneham, Jr.) and in episodes of Camping (2018, coordinated by Shauna Duggins) and WandaVision (2021, with Brian Avery, Stacey Carino, Keith Campbell, Alex Chansky, Katie Eischen, Charles Grisham, Theo Kypri, Rob Mars, Anthony Molinari, Kyle Weishaar, Neraida Bega, Kevin Foster, Tim Gilbert, Cheryl Lewis, Simon Rhee, Trampas Thompson, and Mark Wagner).

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