The Mikhal Travelers were a loosely governed humanoid race of Delta Quadrant explorers. They were peripatetic by nature, living for the excitement of facing the challenge of space alone.

They were described as risk taking thrill seekers with no responsibility to the ideals of exploration, instead afflicted with a terminal wanderlust. Sometimes they just picked a direction and went. Kes admired them for having been to many places and doing amazing things. One traveler claimed to have journeyed to the corners of known space and beyond.

One traveler saying was "My course is as elusive as a shadow across the sky". The expression "Pray to the stars" was also used.

Their scout ships were small and carried only a pilot and navigator, though they were capable of high warp speeds. The Mikhal Travelers maintained outposts to refuel, repair ships, and exchange information, although they viewed such sedentary facilities as a necessary evil and preferred to leave as quickly as possible.

In 2373, the USS Voyager stopped by at one such outpost to obtain information about what lay in the space ahead of them. They provided the outpost with needed medical supplies. (VOY: "Darkling")

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