Millirads per minute was a unit of radiation exposure, measured in rads per unit time.

Comparative units of dosage Edit

1 millirad per minute
  • In 2367, while the crew of the Enterprise-D was trying to tow away a toxic waste barge threatening the population of Gamelan V, the computer warned the crew that radiation was approaching 70 millirads per minute and rising as the Enterprise came closer to the Gamelan sun, intending to lead to barge into the sun via a tractor beam. Later on, the radiation levels reached 300 millirads per minute, which would have caused lethal exposure to the crew. Fortunately, the Enterprise managed to tow the toxic barge into the sun, safely destroying it before any crewmembers died from the radiation. (TNG: "Final Mission")
1 rad per minute = 1,000 millirads per minute
1 rad per second = 60,000 millirads per minute
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