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Desperate to warn Starfleet of their dilemma, a daring experiment goes awry as Dal inadvertently swaps minds with a Starfleet vice admiral.


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On board the USS Dauntless the Diviner and Asencia stuff the unconscious Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway into a closet and remove her combadge until they can figure out what to do with her. The Vindicator then reasserts her Trill appearance and reports to the bridge. There, she suggests to Commander Tysess that they merge their warp field with the USS Protostar.

Thanks to the corruption in Hologram Janeway's program, the Protostar crew is unable to stop the ship as it hurls directly towards Federation space, with the Dauntless dangerously close behind. As the crew tries to come up with ideas, Holo Janeway decides to deactivate herself, explaining that she can't sabotage them if she doesn't know what they're doing. Suddenly, Zero gets an idea—they should try using telepathy to tell Admiral Janeway what’s going on. Zero states that if they were still a part of the hive mind, they'd be able to but suggests that Dal R'El's Organian genes might permit him to make contact. As Zero uses himself as a facilitator to assist Dal in telepathically contacting the admiral, the ship is hit with phaser fire from the Dauntless and Dal passes out for a moment. When Dal wakes up, he seems to have no memory of who they all are. However, it quickly becomes apparent that this isn't Dal – it's Admiral Janeway in Dal's body. Zero deduces that somehow the Admiral’s neural pattern switched with Dal’s – which means that Dal is on the Dauntless in the Admiral’s body.

Meanwhile, on the Dauntless, Dal wakes up in the closet and discovers that he's in Admiral Janeway's body. When he's beamed directly to the bridge by Tysess, the "Admiral's" odd behavior perplexes the crew. Concerned, Doctor Noum gives Dal-in-Janeway a cup of coffee which she promptly spits out. Realizing something is wrong, Noum orders her to sickbay for tests. However, Dal-in-Janeway insists that her “brains are fine” and quickly exits the bridge, leaving Tysess in command. With the Protostar headed for the heart of Federation space, the commander decides to contact Starfleet and request that they send every available ship to meet them when they arrive.

On the Protostar, Janeway-in-Dal's-body demands to know what's going on, and crew explains their entire situation, including the living construct. Janeway is sympathetic and promises to help them any way she can, but she needs to find a way to get back into her own body on the Dauntless. Soon after, Dal-in-Janeway locates Holo Janeway and restores her original program and removes the Construct's corruption. Holo Janeway's memories of the original Protostar crew return and she shows the admiral the logs of what happened to Captain Chakotay.

Later, Rok-Tahk figures out that phaser beam must've acted as a conduit and the two neural patterns were switched when Zero was attempting to create a telepathic link. Suddenly, Zero has an idea. They state that before the ancient Organians became non-corporeal, they were able to transfer their consciousness into other bodies through physical touch. Zero suggests that Janeway-in-Dal and Dal-in-Janeway go out into space in environmental suits so they can float out in space until they come within touching distance of each other. Since the Protostar is so close to the Dauntless that Dal-in-Janeway can see them through the windows, they're able to get the word out to him through charades. Unfortunately, just as Dal-in-Janeway decodes the message, he's discovered by the crew who sedate him, take him to sickbay and place him in restraints. Luckily, the Diviner enters and unexpectedly allows Dal-in-Janeway to escape as repayment for her saving his life and in exchange for taking care of his daughter, Gwyn.

As Dal-in-Janeway prepares to exit the ship, she tells Rok that she'll make a great science officer someday and promises to help them all in their quest to join Starfleet. However, she reveals to Gwyn that, since Dal is an Augment, he will never be allowed to join.

Meanwhile, Dal-in-Janeway has made it to the outside of the ship and struggles to reach Janeway-in-Dal, so the latter gets Murf to stretch her across the gap between them. When the Dauntless attempts to pull Dal-in-Janeway back in via a tractor beam, Janeway=in-Dal shoots her counterpart with a low powered phaser blast, hoping it'll work as a conduit for the mind swap. The plan works and both Dal and Janeway are returned to their respective bodies and to their ships.

Groggy from the phaser blast she inflicted on her own body, Admiral Janeway wakes up and finds herself in the brig. At the same time, the Protostar drops out of warp and is greeted by an entire armada of Starfleet vessels.

Memorable quotes[]

"What if we reconfigure the deflector to emit a phased tachyon pulse to communicate the..."
"Yeah, sure! Why not? Beep, boop! Beep, boop! Jankom doesn't know how to do that."

- Rok and Jankom

"Hello, Starfleet person. I am the admiral obviously. Thank you for your service during... Ah. Red alert."

- Dal (in Janeway's body), to an officer on the Dauntless

"I'm Admiral Janeway. I can do this."
"A few more phaser volleys should knock out their shields."
"Whoa! Stop firing! Uh, cease! Quit it!"
"But Admiral, those were your orders."
"I changed my mind. Not in a weird way, but a totally normal way. I can change my mind."
"Uh, understood. We'll end our pursuit."
"Wait, don't do that either! I don't want to lose my body... of work that is the Protostar."
"So, you do want to board their ship?"
"I mean, let's see where they're going first. Then, pew pew pew?"
"You heard the admiral."

- Dal (in Janeway's body) and Tysess

""Admiral, as your doctor, I order you to drink this coffee. Get it together."
""Ugh! How does she drink this stuff?""

- Noum and Dal (in Janeway's body)

"Admiral, my medical scan picked up faint cellular damage in your cerebral cortex. Your brain waves..."
"What? Oh, that's crazy! My... my brains are fine. I'm just busy thinking real hard, that's all."

- Noum and Dal (in Janeway's body)

"You, Antennas, you're in charge. Everyone else, keep doing an awesome job. Teamwork makes the dream work!"

- Dal (in Janeway's body), to Tysess and the Dauntless crew

"Come on, Kate. Make something great out of that mess."

- Admiral Janeway (in Dal's body), quoting her father to Hologram Janeway to prove who she was

"It's really you. I mean me. How?"
"Dal tried to use telepathy to contact me, but we swapped neural patterns."
"Sounds like something Dal would do."

- Hologram Janeway and Admiral Janeway (in Dal's body)

"You mean you want me to exit a starship, go to the middle of a warp bubble, and make physical contact with my own body? Listen, I was once transformed into a salamander. Nothing can be as difficult as that. Let's do it."

- Janeway (in Dal's body)

"Don't you know who I am?
"No, Admiral. We do not."

- Dal (in Janway's body) and Noum

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  • Like "Masquerade", which was aired by Nickelodeon in some European countries such as Croatia, Hungary, and Poland ahead of US release, this episode was originally scheduled to be aired there on 23 November 2022. However, other programming was aired instead on that day. [2]
  • The episode was released on 24 November 2022 on CANAL+ online in Poland ahead of US release.


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airlock; Andorian; augment; beaming; body swap (aka mind swap); Bolian; brain wave; Brenari; bridge; brig; Brikar; cadet; celerity-induced accelerated somatic mutation rate; cerebral cortex; charades; coffee; combadge; Construct; daughter; deflector; DNA; dog; dreaming; Drednok; ensign; environmental suit; epigenetic dermal implant; Eugenics Wars; Federation; Federation space; Gamma Serpentis; genes; genome; hive mind; Human; Janeway; Janeway, Phoebe; kindness; Library Computer Access and Retrieval System; lieutenant; maximum warp; medical scan; Medusan; Mellanoid slime worm; mess; mind; mission; Morse code; neural patterns; non-corporeal; "not my first rodeo"; Okona, Thadiun; orders; Organian; Orion; "pew"; phased tachyon pulse; proto-warp engine (aka proto-drive); quantum slipstream; quarters; red alert; rodeo; salamander; science officer; shields; SOS; space; spatial distortion; Starfleet; Starfleet Command; Starfleet uniform; sting; telepath; telepathy; Tellarite; temporal anomaly; thoughts; tractor beam; Trill; type 2 phaser; Vau N'Akat; voice; void; Vulcan; warp bubble; warp drive; warp field; "Z"

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Akira-class (unnamed); Centaur-type (unnamed); Dauntless, USS; Dauntless-class; Defiant-class (unnamed); Intrepid-class; Protostar, USS; Protostar-class; Sovereign-class (unnamed); Voyager, USS

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active line; alert status level; analysis; Andorian; antimatter mixer; armament; atomic missile; auditorium; Dadass, Jess; Bajoran; briefing room; captain's chair; captain's office; Cardassian; cargo bay; caution; Class 5 Bird-of-Prey; cockpit; code keypad; command bridge; command code; computer room; comms; conference room; connection system; contour mode; control station; crew's personal area; cruiser; danger; Dauntless-class decks; deflector; deuterium; deuterium storage tank; diagnostic; dilithium reactor; Dominion; Earth; electrical system; energy convector chamber; energy converter; engineering room; engineering stat; Enterprise, USS; entry hatch; escape pod; field generator; fire alert; fire fighting system; firefighter; first officer's office; flight deck; Gigean; Gorn; heat convector; Hirogen; holodeck; Human; Imperial Klingon Fleet; infirmary; impulse drive system; intermediate room; intermix chamber; Kalona 54; Kazon; Kelvin, USS; Klingon; Klingon Bird-of-Prey; Krenim; landing gear; laser; long range sensor scan; magnetic field; main bridge; main hangar; Maquis; medical services; meeting room; message; navigation; Nebula C; officer's mess; offset; Orion; Pattor, Klack; phase cannon; phaser; phaser array; phaser cannon; Pierre of Gigean; planet tracker; plasma cannon; plasma injector; plasma torpedo; polaron torpedo; Protostar-type decks; pulse cannon; quantum torpedo; radar; radar control; radar system; relaxation area; Reman; rescue capsule; rescue material capsule; Risian; Romulan; scan; shield; shield generator; ship directory; shuttlebay; shuttlecraft; Son'a; space scanner; spare parts deposit; Species 8472; staff deck; Strong, Morgan; subspace coil; Suliban; system controls; thalaron; target; Tau Ceti; Tellarite; Tholian; torpedo launcher; transfer bridge; transporter room; Type 9 shuttlecraft; ventilation system; Vidiian; Vulcan; warehouse; warp core; warp nacelle; warship; water turbine/pipe; weapon system; wireframe mode; Xindi

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