Paki with Mintakan tapestry

Paki hands Picard a Mintakan tapestry

Mintakan tapestry, ST8

Draped over Picard's chair

The Mintakan tapestry was a woven picture of designs placed on a piece of hide, made by the Mintakans.

A Mintakan tapestry was given as a gift from Nuria to Captain Jean-Luc Picard in 2366. (TNG: "Who Watches The Watchers")

It remained in Picard's quarters and in his ready room on the USS Enterprise-D and later on the USS Enterprise-E. (TNG: "Captain's Holiday", "Sarek", "Suddenly Human", "Legacy", "Suspicions", "The Pegasus", "Attached", "Journey's End"; Star Trek: First Contact; Star Trek: Insurrection)

Star Trek Nemesis was the only TNG film not to feature the Mintakan tapestry somewhere in Picard's ready room.
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