Miramanee was the tribal priestess of the Native American tribe on the planet Amerind. She was the daughter of Goro.

In 2268, she was under the influence of the belief that Kirok, the name taken by James T. Kirk, who was suffering from amnesia, was actually a god. This was because Kirk resuscitated an apparently drowned young boy. She took the medicine badge from Salish, who was the medicine chief, and gave it to Kirk. She quickly fell in love with him, and as the priestess and medicine chief invariably married, she and Kirk were joined.

Miramanee subsequently became pregnant with Kirk's child; however, later she and Kirk were stoned for not being able to figure out how to enter the Preservers' obelisk and prevent an asteroid from hitting the planet. Kirk survived the stoning, with the help of Dr. McCoy, but Miramanee suffered severe internal injuries and could not be saved. After stopping the asteroid, Kirk stayed with her until she died. (TOS: "The Paradise Syndrome")

Miramanee was played by Sabrina Scharf.
Miramanee was described in the script as "a copper-skinned, high-breasted Cleopatra with long gleaming black hair and the dignity of a maiden born to be a queen."

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