Mirasta Yale was a female Malcorian astronomer and scientist in the 24th century on Malcor III. By 2367, she became the Administrator of the Space Bureau and Minister to Chancellor Avel Durken. Yale had the distinction of overseeing the Malcorian's warp program.

Yale had dreamed of space flight ever since being nine years old, when her parents took her to a planetarium. This was an extreme motivator for her career, and she became dedicated to getting her people to the stars.

In 2367, she was preparing to start the experimental phase for their first warp-capable ship. She presented her plan to Chancellor Durken for funding in the presence of Minister Krola and other staff. Saying the prototype design was finished, she would need ten months to build it. She was very optimistic, but Krola countered, saying the progress was going too fast.

It was during this time that the United Federation of Planets had covert observers to prepare for first contact. When Commander William T. Riker, working with them, came up missing, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Deanna Troi made private first contact with Yale in one of her labs, ahead of schedule. They took her aboard the USS Enterprise-D, told her of the Federation's plans, gave her a tour, and then informed her of their missing crewman. She took the information with ease, if shocked, and agreed to help if she could. However, she recommended not to inform Durken, as he would likely defer to Krola, who would be antagonistic due to his own political agenda.

She brought Picard to see the Chancellor, and they both told him all the same information, except for Riker. They took Durken aboard the Enterprise as well. She left Durken there to attempt to find Riker.

Later, when Krola revealed that he found Riker to Durken, Yale then admitted she knew of his existence and that of other Federation people on the planet. She went with Krola to Riker and objected to Krola's order to revive him. When Krola continued anyway, Yale went to Durken and informed him of Riker's critical condition, that interrogating him may kill him. Durken then gave Riker's position to Picard and he was returned. However, due to Krola's attempted self-inflicted martyrdom, Yale was forced to see Durken decide to postpone the warp program, and therefore first contact. Yale requested to be allowed to depart with the Enterprise-D. Picard agreed and had Worf assign her quarters. (TNG: "First Contact")

Mirasta Yale was played by actress Carolyn Seymour.
The episode's script describes her as being a woman between 30 and 35 years old.

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