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For the similarly-named Gamma Quadrant planet, please see Meridian.

Miridian was a star system in the Beta Quadrant. The system included the planet Miridian VI.

Alpha Beta Quadrant Overview star chart

Location of Miridian labeled on a star chart (2256)

In 2256, this star system's location was labeled on the star chart "Alpha/Beta Quadrant Overview" in the ready room aboard the USS Discovery. (DIS: "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad")

In 2257, during the first Federation-Klingon War, this star system was occupied by the Klingons. (DIS: "The War Without, The War Within")

In 2259, the location of this system was labeled on a stellar cartography chart that was seen on the USS Enterprise's ready room viewscreen. This system's symbol had a blue color, indicating that it was affiliated with the United Federation of Planets. It was located on the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone. (TNG: "Future Imperfect"; SNW: "Strange New Worlds", "Spock Amok", "A Quality of Mercy")

The system's location was labeled in a Federation star chart that was in Fleet Admiral Kirsten Clancy's office at Starfleet Headquarters in 2399 and on the bridge of the USS Titan-A in 2401. The Miridian system was in or near to neutral space. (PIC: "Maps and Legends", "The Next Generation", "Disengage")

This star was only mentioned in writing.

According to Star Trek: Star Charts (pp. 61, 62, 66) and Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library ("Federation Historical Highlights, 2161-2385"), the primary of the Miridian system was a K-class star.

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