Captain Mitchell was the commanding officer of the Earth colony ship SS Conestoga.

In 2069, Mitchell lead the Terra Nova Expedition, a group of colonists to the planet Terra Nova to establish the first Human colony outside of the solar system. They arrived nine years later in 2078.

Mitchell was among the last Human survivors of the radiation fallout that destroyed the colony following an asteroid impact on the northern hemisphere. Mitchell attempted to send a distress call back to Earth, but the radio message was blocked because the debris in the atmosphere was too dense and never received.

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The fate of Mitchell and the Terra Nova colony was not discovered until 2151, when the planet was visited by a landing party of the Earth starship Enterprise NX-01. (ENT: "Terra Nova")

Mitchell was portrayed by an unknown actor on the photographs. He was identified by Travis Mayweather as one of the two men on the far right in the above image.
Mitchell's voice was also provided by an unknown actor.
According to the reference book Star Trek: Federation - The First 150 Years, his full name was Andrew Paul Mitchell.
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