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return {
    ["O Discovery, Where Art Thou?"] = "September",
    ["Context Is for Kings"] = "October",
    ["The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry"] = "October",
    ["Choose Your Pain"] = "October",
    ["Lethe"] = "October",
    ["Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad"] = "October",
    ["Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"] = "November",
    ["Into the Forest I Go"] = "November",
    ["Despite Yourself"] = "January",
    ["The Wolf Inside"] = "January",
    ["Vaulting Ambition"] = "January",
    ["What's Past Is Prologue"] = "January",
    ["The War Without, The War Within"] = "February",
    ["Will You Take My Hand?"] = "February",
    ["Brother and New Eden"] = "January",
    ["Point of Light"] = "February",
    ["An Obol for Charon"] = "February",
    ["Saints of Imperfection"] = "February",
    ["The Sound of Thunder"] = "February",
    ["Light and Shadows"] = "March",
    ["If Memory Serves"] = "March",
    ["Project Daedalus"] = "March",
    ["The Red Angel"] = "March",
    ["Perpetual Infinity"] = "March",
    ["Through the Valley of Shadows"] = "April",
    ["Such Sweet Sorrow"] = "April",
    ["Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2"] = "April",
    ["Remembrance"] = "January",
    ["Maps and Legends"] = "January",
    ["The End is the Beginning"] = "February",
    ["Absolute Candor"] = "February",
    ["Stardust City Rag"] = "February",
    ["The Impossible Box"] = "February",
    ["Nepenthe"] = "March",
    ["Broken Pieces"] = "March",
    ["Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1"] = "March",
    ["Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2"] = "March",
    ["Away Mission Special"] = "July",
    ["Premiere Special"] = "August",
    ["Midseason Special"] = "September",
    ["Finale Special"] = "October",
    ["That Hope Is You, Part 1"] = "October",
    ["Far From Home"] = "October",
    ["People of Earth"] = "October",
    ["Forget Me Not"] = "November",
    ["Die Trying"] = "November",
    ["Scavengers"] = "November",
    ["Unification III"] = "November",
    ["The Sanctuary"] = "December",
    ["Terra Firma, Part 1"] = "December",
    ["Terra Firma, Part 2"] = "December",
    ["Su'Kal"] = "December",
    ["There Is A Tide..."] = "December",
    ["That Hope Is You, Part 2"] = "January",
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