Moira Rossa was a Human woman living at the Federation colony on Galen IV in the 2350s, wife to Connor Rossa and the mother of Jeremiah Rossa. Her mother-in-law was Admiral Connaught Rossa. She used to sing to her son when he was a young child.

In 2357, while Galen IV was under attack by the Talarian militia, Moira tried to escape into the forest with Jeremiah, but the Talarians found and killed her, leaving Jeremiah as the only survivor.

Endar found Jeremiah crying next to Moira's dead body and claimed the boy as his own, per Talarian custom. In 2367, Endar defended his actions at the time, asking Jean-Luc Picard whether he ought to have left the crying child behind.

Jeremiah recalled the sound of her voice but not what songs she used to sing to him. He also remembered the day she had died. (TNG: "Suddenly Human")

Moira Rossa was portrayed by an unknown actress in the photographs and a different unknown actress provided her voice.
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