A molar was a specific type of tooth, which were typically the largest, located in the back of the mouth. Their primary use was for chewing or grinding up food.

Following a fight in the 602 Club, between A.G. Robinson and Jonathan Archer, Archer's injuries included two bruised ribs and a cracked molar. T'Pol, who after being told of the story, determined that Archer "obviously admired" Robinson, from Archer's description of the man, but added, "And yet he cracked your molar," leaving Archer to explain that "Humans can have funny ways of forming friendships." (ENT: "First Flight")

The Cardassian Bureau of Identification collected a tooth (the first molar) from all citizens of the Cardassian Union at the age of ten. It also collected the molars of non-citizens caught up in the Cardassian legal system. Miles O'Brien experienced this firsthand in 2370 when mistakenly believed to have worked for the Maquis. (DS9: "Tribunal")

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