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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Discovery, and thus may contain spoilers.

Moll, born Malinne Ravel, was a female Human courier who lived during the late 32nd century. She was the daughter of the fourth individual to hold the name Cleveland Booker. (DIS: "Red Directive", "Under the Twin Moons")

Early life[]

Malinne was born on Callor V, which was subject to the depredations of the Emerald Chain. Growing up, her father promised her that he would bring their family to a safe haven colony in the Gamma Quadrant, until one day, when she was eight years old, he failed to return home. Malinne's mother was forced to take a job mining rubindium to support them, which caused her death when Malinne was fourteen. Afterwards, Malinne changed her name to Moll and became a courier. (DIS: "Jinaal", "Face the Strange", "Mirrors")


Moll served time in Emerald Chain prisons twice during her career as courier. (DIS: "Jinaal")

Later, she ran Dilithium deliveries to the Breen Imperium for which she was compensated. Moll often cut the dilithium with impurities to sell more dilithium than what she had. (DIS: "Mirrors")

Progenitor Chase[]

Moll and her partner L'ak got involved in a race against Starfleet to find the Progenitor's technology. They believed finding this technology and delivering it to the Breen Imperium could erase L'ak's Erigah. (DIS: "Red Directive", "Mirrors")

Moll and L’ak got a head start in the race by getting to Dr. Vellek's 800 year old wrecked ship first and retrieving the Romulan puzzle box which contained Vellek's diary and led the way to the rest of the clue trail. (DIS: "Red Directive")

They lost their lead when they went to Betazed instead of Trill by not reading the entire Romulan Revlav peom on Lyrek. (DIS: "Under the Twin Moons")

They regained their lead by getting a time bug onto the USS Discovery via shaking hands with Adira Tal on Trill. This time bug kept the Discovery crew busy for six hours, which was long enough for Moll and L'ak to get to the next clue on the ISS Enterprise first. (DIS: "Jinaal", "Face the Strange")

However, once Starfleet arrived there was a firefight and L'ak lost the clue in the struggle. With Moll and L'ak down on their luck from losing the clue and fighting Starfleet, they decided to take a Terran warp pod from the ISS Enterprise to ensure they won't be taken in Starfleet custody. The 900 year old shuttle was damaged and L'ak was severly injured from the fight, but they still believed this was their best bet at getting out of Starfleet's hands. (DIS: "Mirrors")

They sent out a Courier SOS, hoping they would be picked up by another courier and get medical attention. Unfortunately for them, Starfleet's USS Locherer intercepted the message first and took them both into custody. Moll in cuffs remained at L'ak side while he received medical treatment aboard the USS Discovery, but the Breen arrived and she wanted to leave with L'ak as to not be arrested by the Breen without the Progenitor's technology to bargain for their freedom. This resulted in L'ak injecting himself with the entire supply of his medicine (Tricordrazine) to get the guards to lower the containment field and set them free. As with any medication, too much of a good thing can be very bad if not fatal. Moll left to get a shuttle but was tracked down by Burnham and Book where in which Book was able to get through to her emotionally. At least enough so, that she agreed to put her weapons down and see L'ak one last time before he ultimately died from an overdose.

Moll believes the Progenitor's technology can not only create life, but also revive the dead. This motivates her to reveal to the Breen that she and L'ak were married and by Imperium law she must be taken with L'ak for any Funeral service. Primarch Ruhn thinks marriage to outsiders is an abomination but agreed to take her with them due to her knowledge about the Progenitor technology. To keep the peace, Starfleet remanded Moll to Breen custody along with L'ak's body. (DIS: "Erigah")

Moll never had access to the clue that Burnham and Tilly found on Halem'no so her only course of action to find the last clue was to follow the USS Discovery’s spore drive's jump signature and take it from them. This was exactly what she instructed the Breen to do. Moll eventually gets all five clues and once combined they reveal the coordinates of the Progenitor's technology. She became the de facto ruler of the Breen Imperium by killing Ruhn and decided to seek the Progenitor's power with the help of Ruhn's soldiers. (DIS: "Labyrinths")

Moll was able to tractor beam the technology inside her dreadnought before Discovery could. She unlocked the casing around the technology with the five clues that fit together like a key. When it opened it became a portal, to where they were unsure. Moll ordered someone to walk inside but they got sucked in. She then had another soldier go in with a tether tied around their waist that was bolted to the floor, but both the soldier and the tether were sucked in as well. With her back against the wall in a fight with Starfleet and Tahal on her way to overthrow her, Moll decided to jump into the portal herself. (DIS: "Lagrange Point")

Once inside, there was a struggle that resulted in Moll fighting with the Breen who got sucked into the portal. One cut her Femoral artery and she bashed his skull in, the other she shot. She then found Burnham and held her at gunpoint, but Burnham gave her a dermal regenerator to heal her wound which resulted in Moll reluctantly agreeing to a truce with Burnham. After a while they fight again, but then the truce was resumed. They then work together to find the control console for the technology and ended up finding one last puzzle to solve before given access. They disagreed on how to solve the puzzle and when Burnham becomes distracted, Moll solved the puzzle incorrectly causing the console to electrocute her. She was injured and Burnham got her medical attention on the Discovery after speaking to the Progenitor. Burnham decided to destroy the technology rather than allow it to end up in the wrong hands.

Moll was under Federation custody while receiving medical treatment and was to stand trial for the crimes she committed against the Federation which include but were not limited to: firing on multiple Starfleet vessels, planting a time bug to trap Starfleet Officers in the past, and trying to sell destructive technology to the Breen, which the Breen planned to use against the Federation. However, whatever her sentence would be after her trial, Doctor Kovich expressed interest in enlisting Moll and her talents. (DIS: "Life, Itself")

Ruler of the Breen Imperium[]

Moll's Rise[]

In 3191, Moll became de facto Ruler of the Breen Imperium by being married to L’ak who was the Scion and by exploiting the differences between Primarch Ruhn and his soldiers. She knew Ruhn didn't actually care about L’ak nor respects his status as scion, but gathered that the soldiers do. She exploited this division by making pleas to the soldiers directly. When the Breen arrived at the Eternal Gallery and Archive, the Primarch ruined their chances to get the clue by making threats to destroy the archive. Moll used this to send a message to the soldiers that Ruhn doesn’t care about their noble culture and brave history that is stored in the Archive. Ruhn sent his soldiers to board the Archive and they were dying left and right. After Moll pointed this out, Ruhn admitted he’ll sacrifice as many men as it takes in front of his soldiers. This further sowed distrust between Ruhn and his men.

Captain Burnham retrieved the last clue from the Archive, but willingly transported it to the Breen after Ruhn swears a tergun to not destroy the Archive in exchange for all the clues. After receiving the clues, Ruhn ordered the destruction of Discovery and the Archive anyway, showing his complete disregard for the sacred oath of a tergun and by extension the Breen customs and way of life. When Moll pointed this out, Ruhn admitted that L’ak is not the goal nor does he need L’ak anymore because he’ll have the progenitor’s power soon. Ruhn attempted to kill her but the soldiers intervened. In response, Moll killed Primarch Ruhn and, with the approval of Arisar, the soldiers ended up supporting her succession to the throne until L’ak can be revived with the progenitor’s tech as he is the rightful heir. (DIS: "Labyrinths")

Moll's Rule[]

While Moll used her new title to go after the Progenitor’s technology, the other five Primarchs of the factions of the Breen Imperium became aware of Moll’s succession. Moll's rule was almost immediately met with challenges from other primarchs. Primarch Tahal of the Third Flight wanted to take Ruhn’s soldiers to double the size of her own army and overthrow Moll. This caused Moll’s dreadnaught and Tahal’s fleet to be heading in the same direction: the coordinates for the progenitor’s technology. Once Moll reached the coordinates, she beamed the technology aboard her ship.

Under her rule, she supervised the exploration of the casing that the five scientists made for the progenitor technology. Inside the casing was a portal and she oversaw the tests on the portal including tethered trials into it. She also oversaw a Sarkaress feast to celebrate the capture of the Progenitor technology and it was rumored for there to be another one in the works to celebrate when L’ak was revived. But things took a turn for the worse when her true supporter, Arisar, was shot by Book. This made it unlikely she'd keep the throne. (DIS: "Lagrange Point")

Moll ends up going into the Progenitor Portal and killing the two Breen soldiers who were sucked in. She revealed to Captain Bunrham that she doesn’t trust the Breen but at least they have a vested interest in getting her what she wants. She never wanted the throne, just L'ak. Moll's support for her succession came from Ruhn's faction and Rayner used the spore drive to jump Ruhn's dreadnaught to the Galactic barrier, invalidating any support Moll had for the Throne. She is taken into Federation custody and does not return to the Breen.

Despite the nature of Moll's actions, Agent Kovich saw potential in her and expressed interest in recruiting her to the Federation's Department of Temporal Investigations.. (DIS: "Life, Itself")



Moll had a birthmark on her neck which helped Book discover her true identity as Malinne Ravel. Her hair roots and the de-aging program suggested she had been born a brunette and colored it blonde. (DIS: "Under the Twin Moons")