"Their ship is apparently quite fragile."

The Mondor was a sub-light Pakled ship that was in service during the mid-24th century, under the command of Captain Grebnedlog; the ship's chief engineer was his friend Reginod.

Over time, the Mondor had been heavily modified with various systems stolen from other, more advanced civilizations, including Romulan shields, and Jarada and Klingon systems. It also had a replicator, and was equipped with photon torpedoes.

In 2365, the ship was located in Rhomboid Dronegar Sector 006 where broadcast a Mayday signal, which was responded to by the USS Enterprise-D.

As a ruse, the ship appeared to have a failure in its guidance system, which Enterprise chief engineer, Geordi La Forge, was assigned to repair, but unbeknownst to him, he was only responding to carefully programmed and misleading signals. As such, upon the completion of the initial repairs, the ship's power generator then failed. While Enterprise Commander William T. Riker offered to tow their ship with a tractor beam to their nearest base, La Forge assured Riker his repairs where moments from being completed. As La Forge prepared to beam back to the Enterprise, the Pakled's engaged their shields, and effectively kidnapped and held La Forge hostage.

The Pakleds demanded he use their replicator to duplicate his type 2 phaser, before demanding that he help make them strong, by helping them utilized the weapons technology they already held in their possession.

In their own ruse, the crew of the Enterprise attempted and succeeded at retrieving La Forge before parting ways with the Mondor. (TNG: "Samaritan Snare")


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