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Doctor Moninger was a researcher with the Earth Sciences Institute and was a member of the Arctic Archaeology Team in 2153. He was among the archaeologists who would discover a crashed Borg sphere on Earth.

In his lab, Dr. Moninger later examinied two Borg corpses found amongst the wreckage. He found them to be of differing species, as well as heavily augmented with technological devices and tools. Once he had had the bodies in the lab long enough to begin to warm up, he discovered that the nanotechnological devices in their blood were actually functional and active — repairing the biological and technical components of the bodies.

After receiving delivered coffee, Dr. Moninger dismissed his aide to repair a heater unit leaving him alone with the two Borg, one of which came to life shortly thereafter. Dr. Moninger grabbed a scanner, but couldn't get to a weapon quickly enough to defend himself and was infected with their nanotechnology. He was quickly found on the floor by his co-workers, the reanimated Borg corpse having left him there. ("ENT: "Regeneration")

Moninger was played by actor Chris Wynne.
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