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Tallinn ventures inside Picard's subconscious mind to help wake him from a coma and face both his darkest secrets and deepest fears. Seven and Raffi go in search of Jurati whom they fear has succumbed to the monster inside. Rios struggles to hide the truth of who he really is from Teresa.



Picard is wearing a tuxedo and is seated across from a Starfleet psychiatrist; he appears to be undergoing a routine psychological evaluation. The psychiatrist recalls that Picard was "humoring" him, and that the last thing Picard had said was that he had a fear of enclosed spaces. Picard tells him that he does not mean to do his job for him, to which the psychiatrist replies that naming Picard's fear was indeed not his job. Picard points out that analysis was his job, and returns to it. "The man who hates enclosed spaces spends his life in the infinite cosmos," Picard says, chuckling a bit, before dismissing it as "too obvious". But when the man spends his life on a vessel, he adds, his only access to the outside is holographic, and now he becomes more interesting. The psychiatrist asks him if that concerned or bothered him at all, that he was not very interesting. Picard does not think it his job to be interesting, but the psychiatrist goes on to ask if they weren't more than their jobs – though in Picard's case, perhaps not, as even his friends call him "Captain", and asks who "Jean-Luc" really is. Picard thinks the line of questioning absurd, and that he had been humoring the psychiatrist for the past forty minutes. The psychiatrist assures him it was just routine, and they had only been going on for twenty minutes. Trying to coax Picard into speaking, he suggests telling a story. When Picard says he wouldn't know where to begin, the psychiatrist hands him the hologram of the Sun that had been floating next to him, and suggests he start with that.

Picard begins his tale, about a queen with fiery red hair… before trailing off. The psychiatrist notes he was not good at telling stories, and Picard agrees… but "the queen with the red hair" was. His mind conjures up a fantasy version of Château Picard, as his mother Yvette dressed as the queen in the tale, as she tells a story to the young Jean-Luc, who is dressed as a prince. She is painting the scenes of the story on the windows on the cupola of the house, about a sorcerer who lost his powers when he was about to slay a noble prince, and melted away; though the sorcerer would be forgotten, the lesson would not: "There is no better teacher than one's enemy." Picard narrates the story, saying that the queen was most unusual, spending her time telling tales, because perhaps she knew her time with her son was borrowed. The queen hands the young prince a paintbrush, saying that he was like his father, expressing himself more with his hands rather than his mouth. The prince protests that he doesn't want to be like his father, but more like her. The queen tells him that as a prince, he would be expected to lift people up, and lead them with inspiring speech. He doesn't think he can, but she assures him he will, because she can see the future. And in a way, Picard's narration continues, she could; like an animal, she could sense danger. Perhaps it was magic, or perhaps it was because she lived in a world where monsters were real. The paintings in the windows seem to come to life, and the queen takes the prince back into the house just as the windows explode, hurling shards of glass into the doors just seconds after she closed them. As they reach the basement tunnels under the house, the queen is pulled away by a monster lurking in the shadows.

The entire scenario is taking place inside Picard's subconscious mind, as his body begins to shake, like someone experiencing a nightmare.

Act One[]

Inside Clinica Las Mariposas in Los Angeles, Musiker wonders what is going on inside Picard's mind. Seven, however, is concerned that Jurati is missing, and plans to return to the CSS La Sirena to scan for her combadge, given her "slightly alarming behavior" the previous day, like her spontaneous singing at the gala, and Rios pointing out that she had kissed him, which intrigues Musiker. Rios remains with Picard while Musiker and Seven return to the ship, asking Tallinn if she was sure her "jury-rigged mind meld" would work. "Not in the slightest," Tallinn admits.

Returning to La Sirena, Musiker expresses her distaste at the idea of Jurati and Rios getting back together, saying she would quit "the gang" if that happened. Seven looks amused, and Musiker clarifies that their relationship was totally different, referring to her and Seven as "the main event" and Jurati and Rios as "the side story". Musiker says the premonition she has is being old with Seven together, sitting on park benches, tripping "teenagers on floaty things" with their canes. Seven jokes she would be better at it, as she attempts to initiate the scan for Jurati's combadge. But her controls go blank beneath her hands; the ship's optical data network kicks her out, and then shows an encryption on the controls, completely locking her out. She instantly recognizes the encryption as being Borg in origin, which meant the Borg Queen had taken control before Jurati killed her. If they can't get access to the computer, they would never be able to locate Jurati, and as Musiker points out, the ship was also their only way home.

Back at the clinic, Tallinn attaches a device to Picard's head to allow her access to his mind. Rios asks what she had meant about letting Picard "take the lead", how he would help her help him out. Tallinn confesses it was a "leap of faith", and that was how she rolled; she hoped it would make sense once she was inside. She sits down next to him and activates the device, her eyes going milky white. Inside Picard's subconscious, she appears in the tunnels underneath the fantasy Château Picard. In the psychiatrist's office, Picard senses something amiss, but says to the psychiatrist that he was fine. He admits he didn't think Starfleet employed such people anymore, to which the psychiatrist sarcastically calls Starfleet "judge and jury of all things meritorious". He concedes the Human model of psychiatry is a "lesser model", but there are those who have built up walls around their wounds that even a Betazoid couldn't get through. Picard recognizes the implication, and the psychiatrist mentions that he never finished the story. Picard says only that sometimes the story merely ends with a boy lost in a dungeon. The psychiatrist notes on his PADD that Picard was "hopelessly bleak" and recommends he be relieved of command, lest he take the crew on a suicide mission just to feel something, and remarks there were "a thousand ways to die" in space. This seems to get Picard's attention, as the psychiatrist urges him to "dig deeper". Picard picks up the story, realizing that the boy was not in fact alone.

Tallinn explores the dungeons in Picard's subconscious, hearing his voice echoing from moments of his life (including identifying himself as Locutus of Borg), while also hearing the growls of the monster in the shadows. Tallinn comments aloud on how Picard's mind looked sober, thinking that it would be a "blast" had he been drunk. Through the bars of one door, she spots the prince, the younger Jean-Luc, and approaches him, saying that she was here to help someone, and asking why he was alone. He replies that he couldn't leave, because his mother had told him to stay put if they were ever separated. Tallinn points out that he was the only one down here, and offers to help him get "unstuck". He insists he couldn't leave without his mother, and that Tallinn couldn't just find her – she would have to save her. He goes on to say that a monster had taken his mother, and everything in the dungeons was on the monster's side. Just then, the doors shut, trapping them; the prince takes Tallinn and leads her into the dungeons.

Picard's mind shifts back to the psychiatrist's office, with the psychiatrist telling him their hour-long session was up and he could leave at any time, to go back to wherever it was he was hiding from himself. He admits he had been warned that Picard was stubborn. Picard is incensed that other people had been telling this psychiatrist things about him, and begins to realize the situation wasn't real. The psychiatrist challenges him to "say something real", and asks why he thought they were there. Picard finally admits that he is stuck, and the psychiatrist agrees that they both were. Picard becomes increasingly agitated, demanding to know who the psychiatrist actually is. He replies he is a studier of the Human condition, while Picard was a starship captain, "ethical, diplomatic, cultured", with an affinity for the arts and intellectual thought, yet "perpetually untethered in the ways of the heart". When Picard asks why that was relevant to the session, the psychiatrist replies with a question of his own: "Why do you find it so difficult to be open, Jean-Luc? To let people in?" He goes on to say that Picard held people at arm's length, and questions why, speculating that perhaps there was a version of himself Picard didn't want people to see, a darker version. Picard turns at the sound of banging on the doors, asking what it was. The psychiatrist replies they both knew what it was: "the ever-righteous Jean-Luc", something he likes to hear other people say, because it let him push the truth away for longer. The psychiatrist accuses Picard of being obsessed with virtue, so much so that his story involved good triumphing over evil. Picard, enraged, shouts at him to stop; as he does, the banging also stops. He had never said anything of the kind, and that the psychiatrist didn't know how the story ended.

Inside the dungeons, Tallinn and the prince continue to flee the monster, hiding as a knight in heavy armor enters. The prince whispers that they had to find the white door, which was never in the same place for long, but behind it they could find his mother. As the knight leaves, a cloud of smoke approaches the prince, followed by echoing laughter as a horned monster grabs the prince by the arm. Behind her, a wasted-looking creature wraps chains around Tallinn's throat.

Act Two[]

Teresa returns to the clinic with her son Ricardo, who is wearing a space helmet and carrying around a toy rocket; his babysitter was a no-show. As they are greeted by Rios, Teresa inquires on Picard's condition, and he assures her Picard is fine. As she moves to go inside, however, she finds the door locked. She says angrily in Spanish that she has held back from asking questions, but it was still her clinic, and did not appreciate Rios locking the doors in her clinic, before demanding the keys. Rios reluctantly hands them over, before telling Teresa to "keep an open mind". She enters to find Picard twitching in the throes of his mind, and Tallinn seated next to him with milky eyes. Teresa is frightened, especially with Rios walking slowly towards her "like a serial killer". Rios says he needs to try and explain the situation to her without breaking time.

Tallinn begins to convulse, as the creature inside Picard's mind is strangling her, saying it was not her journey and that she did not belong there. She headbutts the creature and removes the chains, before turning to the monster and demanding it release the prince. The monster, whose face is blurred, laughs in reply.

Picard is not responding to medication, and so Teresa says he has to be brought to a hospital, as she was not equipped for it. Throwing caution completely to the wind, Rios pulls out his combadge and calls Musiker on La Sirena, telling her he needs a neural stabilizer for Picard. Teresa watches in shock as the device, a neural oscillator, is beamed right into his hands. She is completely confused, wondering how it was real, and asking who he was. Rios urges her to focus. Teresa asks if she was about to kill Picard, but Rios, though not a doctor, trusts her completely. She holds the device next to Picard's head and activates it.

Inside, Tallinn asks the prince if he was "doing this on purpose", that he doesn't want to be unstuck. The prince thinks it might not be different, that it would be like all the other times. Tallinn points out that he would never know until he got there, but if he didn't leave now, he could be stuck there forever… and this time, he was not alone. She pulls the shackle loose from around the prince's ankle.

Picard is stabilized, much to Rios' relief. Teresa asks if he was from outer space. Rios replies that he was from Chile, but that he worked in outer space, which seems to be more of a surprise to her.

Inside the dungeon, Tallinn and the prince find the door back into the house. She kicks the door open, then takes his hand as they proceed together.

Act Three[]

Back on La Sirena, Musiker expresses relief that the replicators still work, as she produces two cups of coffee for herself and Seven. Meanwhile, Seven is making progress with the encryption, remembering it being based on a code used while she was part of the Borg Collective. Seven had thought Jurati had purged all the Borg code from the ship after they crashed, and so checked the security logs to see when the last introduction of Borg code had taken place. The image shows Jurati, still dressed for the gala, introducing Borg code from her fingertips into the ship's console. Both realize that they had to find her immediately.

Inside his subconscious, Picard looks around to see the office melt away into his own house, just as Tallinn and the prince enter. Picard is confused to see her, before the banging starts again. They turn to see the white door and the Starfleet psychiatrist, who the prince calls a "monster". Picard accuses the psychiatrist of keeping the queen locked away this whole time. The psychiatrist remarks on how Picard lived longer than he did, but at least he got to keep all his hair. "Not exactly a fair trade, is it… son?" he asks, as Picard finally realizes that the psychiatrist is in the image of his father, Maurice. Picard accuses his father of cruelty, of ruining his mother. The prince, the younger Jean-Luc, again calls him a monster. "Am I?" Maurice asks. "Perhaps. But not in the way you think." He reminds his son that he had thought he couldn't save his mother from a monster, and tells him to look again, as he opens the book in his hands. Picard remembers the tunnels beneath Château Picard, how his father had told him not to go into them, as there were a "thousand ways to die down there".

He recalls a memory from childhood, when Yvette had told him to "take what he loved" and head down into the tunnels with her. Jean-Luc had said he was afraid of the dark, but Yvette had replied she couldn't breathe in the house, and told him it was just a game of hide-and-seek. Jean-Luc had dropped his notepad on the floor as he had run with his mother into the tunnels, but then his foot broke through the ancient wood floor, and he became stuck while his mother continued to run. Maurice recalls it had been hours before he found Jean-Luc down there and freed his foot before carrying him to safety, and would never have known if he hadn't dropped the notepad. He knew that Yvette suffered from "cycles of terrible darkness" and "irrational exhilaration", as he tries to restrain her, clearly manic, and bring her back into the house. She had needed help, but she would not accept it. Maurice was forced to lock her away for her own safety. He turns to the adult Jean-Luc, saying that with no light, in a winding labyrinth, and rain about to come, he would never have made it out of the tunnels. Yvette, however, would have kept on going. Tallinn realizes that there was no monster actually chasing Yvette, but Maurice says there was, and always had been… but he couldn't save her, either, not from her own mind. The elder Jean-Luc is forced to admit that perhaps he never really knew his father.

Suddenly, the two elder Picards are gone, leaving Tallinn and the young Jean-Luc. She kneels next to him and says that he would do so much with his pain – he would eventually save worlds with it. As Jean-Luc removes the key from his shirt pocket, hearing his mother's pleas behind the door, Tallinn realizes there was more to it than that. At that moment, in Teresa's clinic, Picard regains consciousness, and Tallinn also returns to her own mind.

Outside Picard's room, Rios and Ricardo are drawing on the wall with chalk; Ricardo has drawn a rocket, while Rios has drawn La Sirena. Ricardo calls Rios a "spaceman alien" who can make things appear out of thin air. Rios jokingly scolds him for letting slip he had told Ricardo what happened, and emphasizing that he was in fact Human. Teresa thinks that someone who has to convince people of that should not be allowed around her child, but Rios knows she has good instincts about him. Teresa asks if he knew how often she'd been wrong, but he stresses she wasn't this time. Teresa also notes his loyalty to Picard, and Rios admits that, not having known his own father, he tended to seek out father figures, and had found one in Picard, even if he wasn't really like a son to him. Teresa thinks it to be Picard's loss, "whoever you are". Rios asks who she wants him to be. "A good guy," is her answer. Rios says that he is indeed a "good guy", and if he wasn't, he would become one. Teresa, not entirely joking, says that if he was lying and she had allowed him around her son, they would never find his body. Deciding to take a chance, he asks Ricardo in Spanish if he wants to "see something cool", and tells Teresa he wants to show her something. He beams them along with him to La Sirena, Teresa and Ricardo dropping what was in their hands (her coffee cup and his toy rocket) on the ship's transporter platform in shock. Ricardo runs off to "go touch everything", while Teresa is struck dumb by the fact that she was indeed aboard a spaceship.

In the streets of Los Angeles, Seven and Musiker are still trying to locate Jurati, Seven worried about a Borg Queen being on the loose. Musiker begins to insist that it was Jurati, but Seven can see she is unsure whether it's Jurati with a hint of the Queen, or perhaps the other way around. Checking in with the security cameras around town, they spot Jurati the previous evening entering a cocktail bar, Deacon's. Musiker wonders if she's still there, and Seven is sure a lot of people's lives will depend on their finding out. That evening, Jurati hears a live band performing inside, and makes her way in, attracting the attention of several men at the nearby pool table. She then approaches the window and shatters it, her eyes darkening and Borg nanoprobes visible moving through her body as the Queen asserts her control.

Act Four[]

Musiker appraises Picard on the situation with Jurati, knowing it was not what he expected to wake up to, but assures him that she and Seven were on it. Picard tells her to keep safe and keep him informed, as he had something to attend to there first. Tallinn enters the room, assuring him that Renée was fine, and that there was no sign of either Q or Adam Soong, at least for now. She tells him that he had saved Renée from being run over by Soong. Picard thinks that they have moved beyond personal boundaries at that point, or at least he had. Tallinn decides to offer something in return, showing that her Human ears were in fact a disguise; she was actually Romulan, leading Picard to think that she could indeed be an ancestor of Laris. Tallinn explains that normally, supervisors were tasked to look after their own, but on occasion they looked after similar-looking species. That technology is useful, but it had its limitations; she couldn't reactivate it for another eight hours, which meant she had to "hide her truth" by covering her ears with her hair. She asks him if he was alright, and he says he was, but that they were losing time, the mission, Renée. Tallinn, however, is not so sure; she wonders if this was all part of Q's plan, to make him relive those memories, and if Picard knows that's not all there was to the story. Picard thinks it's irrelevant to what they're trying to fix, but Tallinn disagrees, not if Q wants him to know it. He remembers what his mother had said, how "there is no better teacher than one's enemy". He realizes he's been letting Q control the lessons, and that Q wanted him to know himself… but what if the lesson was to actually know Q? He had always considered Q "unknowable", yet he returns so late in Picard's life, and is still fixated on him. Q needs the trial to happen, but while it's fixated on Picard, it's deeply personal and urgent to Q himself. Tallinn thinks he wants to summon Q, which is beyond her capability. But Picard knows there's someone else…

Picard goes to 10 Forward Avenue to meet with Guinan, who is somewhat put out that there was no "hello" to his "new old friend" or a "thank you" for staying a few extra days. He has asked her to summon Q, although she points out that asking usually involves it sounding like a question. She explains that after a long cold war, the El-Aurians and the Q Continuum struck a truce; as El-Aurians associate unity with food and drink, they made the truce over a bottle – specifically, the bottle Guinan now holds in her hands. To her people, every action vibrates, every word has resonance, and that metal and liquid could capture the half-life of a moment. She emphasizes that she was speaking literally about the truce being made over the bottle, that the moment was still kept inside. El-Aurians hear the world like music, she says: if one finds the right note, the right memory, "pluck the right chord" as she puts it, they could get the attention of the player: in their case, their "friendly neighborhood Q". The bar begins to vibrate violently after she opens the bottle and pours its contents into a glass, and Guinan begins to shriek, the bottles on the bar beginning to shatter and chairs and tables move and fall over. Then after a moment, it stops. Picard asks what happened, and Guinan looks confused – it didn't seem to work.

On the streets, Musiker and Seven continue the search, asking how they could track something they didn't understand, as they arrive outside Deacon's, glass shattered on the sidewalk. Seven finds a glass bottle in a nearby trash can and throws it to the ground, explaining that she was "understanding". She asks to see the footage of Jurati breaking the glass again, and realizes that the action gave her a rush of endorphins, which allowed the Queen's nanoprobes to circulate faster to complete her takeover of Jurati's body. Musiker asks how long before she's strong enough to begin assimilating people, but Seven is unsure, as they were looking at an entirely new kind of Borg Queen, one who would want to begin a new Borg empire… starting with Earth, long before Humanity was able to defend itself from them. Instead of saving the future, Seven realizes, they may have just doomed it, and they would need Picard's help.

Back at 10 Forward Avenue, Guinan cleans up the mess, explaining that normally when an El-Aurian summons a Q, a Q appears. Just then, they hear the bells over the front door ring, as someone enters and starts walking down the bar's stairs. Picard wonders if it was Q, but Guinan can sense it's not. A man in a brown suit and gray-white hair enters, and Guinan says the bar was closed. The man is confused, saying the sign said it was open, but Guinan replies the owner trumps the sign. He insists that he was "celebrating" and asked for just one drink, and Guinan relents. Her instincts tell her that he's the kind of person who would order bourbon when in fact he wanted a white wine and "to cozy up with some boring-ass nonfiction". The man chuckles and says she has him figured out, and she answers that she's been tending bar for a long time. Leaving him to his drink, Guinan begins to explain that there was no reason the summoning should not have worked unless something was really wrong. The man begins to chatter, saying that the "nonfiction" part was wrong, that he enjoyed science fiction and found science itself to be aspirational. He then pulls his cell phone from his pocket, showing video of Picard beaming to that very location some days before. Guinan tries to chalk it up to a glitchy camera. The man doesn't seem to be buying it, however, as he pulls out his identification: he is an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Other FBI agents enter, guns drawn. Picard's combadge drops to the floor as he and Guinan are handcuffed and taken into custody.

Memorable quotes[]

"So, this is your mind, sober. I bet five-drink Picard is a blast."

- Tallinn, while in Picard's subconscious

"Cool EVA suit! Hope you're up on your zero-gravity combat training."
"He's nine."

- Rios to Ricardo, while his mother Teresa Ramirez responds

"Are you from outer space?"
"No. I'm from Chile. I just… I work in outer space."

- Teresa and Rios

"You'll do so much with this pain. You'll save worlds with it."

- Tallinn, to a vision of a young Picard

"Welcome to La Sirena. My ship. My… spaceship."
"I'm gonna go touch everything!"

- Rios, after beaming to La Sirena with Teresa and Ricardo

"Do you understand what this could mean? A Borg Queen loose in Los Angeles."
"She's not the Borg Queen. Don't say that. She's Jurati. Or she's…"
"Exactly. Is it Jurati with a side of Borg Queen or vice versa?"

- Seven and Musiker

"Boy, you really got me pegged. Heh, except the non-fiction part. Me, I'm more of a sci-fi guy myself. You? Not really the spacey types?"
"Most definitely not."

- Wells, to Guinan and Picard

Background information[]


  • 11 April 2022: Title publicly revealed via Paramount Press Express. [1]
  • The theme of a seemingly abusive father figure, resonated strongly on a real world personal level with Picard performer Patrick Stewart as he too had to contend in his youth with a father who had been abusive towards his mother – but not towards himself or his siblings. It was only after his participation in a 2012 episode of the British genealogical documentary series Who Do You Think You Are?, that Stewart, like his onscreen persona, discovered that there had been more to his father's abusive behavior than had met the eye; father Alfred turned out to be a victim of a case of undiagnosed, and thus untreated, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that he had contracted during his World War II service in the British Army – which included his evacuation from Dunkirk one month before Stewart's birth, already alluded to by Picard in the first season episode "Remembrance". As a direct result of his discovery, Stewart supports the British charity "Combat Stress" which helps veterans deal with PTSD. [2]


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Constitution-class; D7-class; Deep Space Station K-7; Excelsior-class; NX-class; Regula I

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backup link; computer core (main computer core); emitter array; encryption (encrypted data); life support; optical data network; security footage; security log; sensor; subprocessor

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1 Cal Plaza; 2Cal; 3rd Street; City Hall East; Higgins Building; La Costena Bar; Ronald Reagan State Building; Stoa; Vibiana; Wells Fargo Center

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