Alternate Reality
(split 2233)

The Moore-type shuttlecraft was a shuttlecraft type operated by Starfleet in 2258.

Physical arrangement Edit

This type of shuttlecraft had two warp nacelles attached to small wings on either side of the main body of the shuttlecraft. Two small impulse drives were attached to either side of the craft near the top. There were doors on both the port and starboard sides of the craft just behind the cockpit.

The cockpit had a total of six large windows, with two forward facing windows placed side by side, a window angled either port or starboard with another side facing window after that on each side. There were also a series of small, long windows running most of the length of the shuttle in the aft compartment. (Star Trek)

This type of shuttle is similar to the Galileo-type shuttlecraft seen in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and Star Trek Generations.

Shuttles of this type Edit

The shuttlecraft Gilliam originally appeared as a Moore-type shuttlecraft with its nacelles positioned low on the sides of the craft. However, in the reveal shot of the Enterprise it was a military shuttle with its nacelles attached to the dorsal sides of the hull.