Commander Morag was an officer in the Klingon Defense Force during the late 24th century. In 2369, Morag was responsible for patrolling near the Federation border, under command of Governor Torak.

Morag's patrol took him near Starfleet's Subspace Relay Station 47 every six days. He constantly harassed the two crewmembers of the station, Lieutenants Keith Rocha and Aquiel Uhnari, when he passed the station. In one instance, he locked his ship's disruptors onto the station.

Following this incident, he returned to the station yet again and hailed them. Receiving no answer, Morag boarded the station. Finding nobody aboard, he stole encrypted Federation messages and left.

Three days later, Governor Torak was summoned to the USS Enterprise-D to answer allegations about their involvement in the deaths of the station's crew. Before arriving, the Klingons managed to find Lieutenant Uhnari, who had abandoned the station via a shuttlecraft, and brought her to the Enterprise-D to prove they had not killed her. The whereabouts of Lieutenant Rocha, however, was yet to be determined.

Morag was later brought in for questioning, as his DNA was found aboard the station. Although he at first claimed he merely boarded the station because he was "concerned", he was ordered by Torak to admit that he had taken the encrypted messages and that although he had seen blood, nobody was on the station. He then denied having killed Rocha, but Captain Jean-Luc Picard requested that Morag remain aboard the Enterprise-D until the investigation was finished.

When it was learned that a coalescent organism had killed Rocha and taken the lieutenant's form, both Morag and Lieutenant Uhnari were suspected of being the organism. However, it was learned that the organism had actually taken the form of Uhnari's dog, Maura, whom it had killed, and it was subsequently destroyed. (TNG: "Aquiel")

Morag was played by Reg E. Cathey.

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