Morn (hologram) and Odo

Odo is baffled by the Morn hologram.

The Morn hologram was a hologram used by Quark in his bar in 2374, as a replacement for the real Morn while the Lurian barfly temporarily left Deep Space 9 on business. Morn had become such a familiar part of Quark's that the other customers did not feel as at home there when he was absent; Quark installed the hologram in an attempt to try to avoid a repeat of a five percent drop in profits that had occurred during Morn's previous absence from the station.

The hologram was unable to speak due to the prohibitively high cost of an interactive holoprojector. Quark found this a blessing, as it spared him from having to listen to Morn go on. Even so, the mute hologram was able to fool Odo into thinking it was the real Morn. (DS9: "Who Mourns for Morn?")

The Morn hologram was, like Morn, played by regular extra Mark Allen Shepherd, who received no credits for his appearances.
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