Doctor Moseley was a Human scientist on Penthara IV.

In 2368, he enlisted the help of the USS Enterprise-D when the planet was threatened by environmental changes caused by an asteroid that hit an uninhabited part of the planet. For decades he and his team attempted to avoid accidentally causing anything that would lead to a greenhouse effect, but were at in a position where they were about to create one on purpose.

With a possible outcome comparable to a nuclear winter, Moseley provided atmospheric data to Lieutenant Commanders La Forge and Data, as they attempted to help with the problem. At first Moseley monitored atmospheric conditions as the Enterprise-D used phasers to release CO2 gas into the atmosphere to counter the effects of the nuclear winter. However, this was short lived, as the planet was hit with a series of earthquakes, as it was then determined that the areas around the CO2 pockets were not as stable as first thought.

Moseley and La Forge found that they had a couple of ideas to work with and decided on a solution potentially risked buring off the planet's atmosphere. Moseley took the plan to the leaders of the colony, who agreed to the risk approved the plan. The Enterprise initiated a chain reaction in the atmosphere that solved the problem, as La Forge and Moseley monitored from the planet's surface. Once the mission was successfully completed, the doctor was excited to report that particulate levels were on target and that the sun was shining, before thanking Captain Jean-Luc Picard for all his help. (TNG: "A Matter of Time")

Moseley was played by Stefan Gierasch.
According to the script, Moseley's first name was Hal, and he was a meteorologist. [1]
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