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Moses Storm (born 6 May 1989; age 30) is the actor and stand-up comedian who appeared as a Novan boy in the Star Trek: Enterprise first season episode "Terra Nova". He received no credit for this part and was identified by the call sheet of the shooting day. Storm filmed his scene on 14 August 2001 on Paramount Stage 9 with fellow background performers Chad Evans and Trinity Drayton.

As an actor he later also appeared in episodes of No Ordinary Family (2011, with Jimmy Bennett, Autumn Reeser, Stephen Collins, Annie Wersching, Joshua Feinman, and Yuri Elvin), All the Wrong Notes (2011), Stevie TV (2012), Sketchy (2012-2013), About a Boy (2014), The 4 to 9ers: The Day Crew (2014-2015), Another Period (2016), and Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television (2017).

Film work includes the television comedy The 4 to 9ers (2012), the short comedy The Great American Comedy Tour (2014), the horror film Unfriended (2014), the television romance Correcting Christmas (2014), the short comedy Wrestling Isn't Wrestling (2015, with Sam Witwer), the comedy The Wedding Party (2016), and the television comedy Small Victories (2016).

In 2015, he wrote, directed, starred in, and edited the documentary #ModernMillennial. He also wrote the short projects Terminally Chill Birthday (2014) and The Great American Comedy Tour (2014) and episodes of Last Comic Standing (2015) and Coming to the Stage (2017). In addition, he was featured in NerdTerns (2014), Weekend Ticket (2015), and Made in Hollywood (2015) and appeared as a comedian in episodes of Acting Out (2016) and Conan (2017).

More recently, he co-starred in the television mini series Youth and Consequences (2018), guest-starred in episodes of Arrested Development (2018, with Anthony De Longis), I'm Dying Up Here (2018), The Jim Jefferies Show (2018), This Is Us (2018, with Steven Houska), and Arranged (2019), and appeared in the comedy Father of the Year (2018), the comedy El Tonto (2018), and the horror comedy Bad Hair (2018, with Vanessa Williams).

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