General Movar was a flag officer in the Romulan military during the 2360s. He acted as adjutant to Commander Sela.

In 2367, he helped Sela organize convoys of supplies to the House of Duras during the Klingon Civil War.

He accompanied Sela during her command of the convoy fleet that faced off with a Federation blockade force commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard. (TNG: "Redemption", "Redemption II")

Background information

Movar was played by actor Nicholas Kepros.

According to his profile from the script, "Movar is a smooth, polished... a political general rather than a combat veteran." This would seem to explain the unusual, unexplained professional relationship between him and Commander Sela, and why he takes orders from her, in "Redemption II".

Movar is the second of two TNG Romulan officers to wear the "double-strap harness" over his uniform, possibly indicating his flag rank. The first was Admiral Mendak in "Data's Day".

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