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Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise is a technical manual of the Star Trek movies-era Enterprise first published in 1987 by Pocket Books. Shane Johnson, who wrote and illustrated it, also wrote the Star Fleet Uniform Recognition Manual as a companion volume devoted entirely to uniforms and other wardrobe, which "The Noron Group" published.

The book was published as a follow-up for the Star Fleet Technical Manual, but it illustrated the retrofitted USS Enterprise and its replacement USS Enterprise-A. The book makes usage of the FASA naming and dating scheme, placing the vessel's refit in the early 23rd century.

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Written by Commander Montgomery Scott, chief engineer.

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A Deck

B-C Decks

D-E Decks

F Deck

G Deck

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J-K Decks

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N-O Decks

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R Deck

S Deck

T-U Decks

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The information in this manual was written in conjunction with some design staff of the movie series, and as such some of it is directly derived from filmed references, but some speculation within is outside of what is considered canon because some data is contradictory, as the nature of a continuing series is that new plot points may contradict previously assumed or unfilmed data.

That being said, this manual was a valuable source of behind the scenes information. Many pieces of photography and behind the scenes graphics information used in the filmings are presented clearly here.

According to the book, an "Enterprise Class" starship named the USS Ti-Ho was built from the keel-up to test the first transwarp drive. The ship was reportedly named in honor of author Shane Johnson's deceased friend who was fond of the name. On a side note Gene Roddenberry once suggested that the Enterprise-A was originally the Yorktown, and this reference appears in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual.

Discrepancies exist with some references to trans-warp drive being assigned to the USS Enterprise-A. Also, trans-warp drive is described as functioning by shifting a vessel so equipped through a spatial interphase into the parallel continuum where the USS Defiant I, NCC-1764, was lost in "The Tholian Web," then shifting it out of that continuum through another such interphase when emerging from trans-warp speeds.

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