Mudd's ship, 2257

Mudd's ship

Mudd's ship was a starship used by Harry Mudd at some point after his 2256 reunion with his fiance.

Mudd would use this ship as a base of operations while he masqueraded as a female bounty hunter. Here, he would locate various individuals to con, using duplicates of himself that he would sell to unsuspecting bounty hunters looking to turn Mudd over to Starfleet. (ST: "The Escape Artist")

The date of 2257 is an assumption based on the "The Escape Artist" taking place after "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad", which is in December of 2256.
The ship appears to be a hodge-podge of Federation style nacelles, namely from the Engle-class, Shepard-class, Hoover-class, and Cardenas-class attached to a Klingon DaSpu'-class body.
The bridge section was filmed in the control room of the decommissioned Hearn Generating Station in Toronto. As a result, even though it sports labels with Earth-style letters and numbers, but is completely unlike any interior seen in Starfleet or civilian spaceships, of the 23rd century or before.
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