Motherlode surface

Mudd's ship (right)

"That was a meeching trick, Kirk! You've cost me my ship, everything I own – even the love crystals. I just may sue you!"
– Harry Mudd, 2269 ("Mudd's Passion")

This ship was a stolen spacecraft used by Harcourt Fenton Mudd after he escaped from planet Mudd. He flew this spacecraft to Ilyra VI, Sirius IX, and Motherlode.

He arrived on Motherlode, with a Rigellian hypnoid passenger, where he attempted to sell a love crystals to about a dozen Motherlode inhabitants. When the crowd became rowdy, he abandoned his craft after he sought sanctuary from irate heavy metal miners with the crew of the USS Enterprise after his latest scheme was revealed. (TAS: "Mudd's Passion")

The fact that the ship-looking structure Mudd was standing under was actually his ship, was more fully explained in the episode's script notes. These notes initially stated that while presenting to the miners, he was standing on the "projected landing ramp of his battered, gaudy ship."
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