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"My life's here. If I leave here, I'll die. So, I'd rather die here."
– Mullibok, 2369 ("Progress")

Mullibok was a Bajoran farmer who, along with Baltrim and Keena, lived on the Bajoran moon Jeraddo, where they had fled to escape the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor.

Mullibok said he had escaped a labor camp on Bajor by stowing away on a Cardassion survey vessel around the year 2329. When arriving on Jeraddo, he was able to overpower the crew and settled on the moon for forty years.

In 2369, when Jeraddo was to have been evacuated so the Bajoran Provisional Government could transfer energy from the moon's molten core, Mullibok refused to leave. Major Kira Nerys tried to convince him that Bajor was now free from the Cardassians and explained that if he were to remain on Jeraddo, he would die. Mullibok, however, would rather have died than leave his home.

After an attempt at a compromise with Bajoran Minister Toran failed, Kira returned to Jeraddo with two security officers to force the farmers from the moon. Although Baltrim and Keena were removed, Mullibok again resisted, and was injured when one of the security officers fired at him.

After recovering, Kira attempted again to persuade Mullibok to leave, and he declared that as long as his cottage was still standing, he would remain. Kira then set fire to the cottage and as it burned, she informed Mullibok that it was time to move on. With his home gone, he finally conceded and left Jeraddo with Kira, but he was unable to forgive her for what she had done. (DS9: "Progress")


Background information

Mullibok was played by Brian Keith.

The script for "Progress" describes Mullibok thusly: "A tall, craggy-faced and raw-boned farmer (also of Bajoran origin), his considerable age has not bowed him in the slightest. He's an impressive figure."


The character also appears in the Pocket DS9 novel Warchild, where he learns to forgive Kira for her actions after the DS9 crew save the valley where he now lives from a fatal virus.

The mirror universe Mullibok (β) appears in Dark Passions, Book One. His mirror universe counterpart conspired to kill Intendant Kira Nerys. However, the plot was uncovered and he was sent to the ore processing facility on Terok Nor.

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