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Ibudan's clone murdered in 2369

Kira holding Marritza's body, shortly after he was stabbed

"Murder is contrary to the laws of man and God."
– M5 Computer, 2268 ("The Ultimate Computer")

Murder was the crime of unjustly killing a person with intent to do so or a reckless disregard for risks to the victim's life. Assassination was a form of murder carried out against important figures for political or ideological purposes. A person who committed a murder was called a murderer or a killer. (TOS: "Court Martial"; TNG: "The Vengeance Factor", "A Matter of Perspective", "The Mind's Eye"; Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

The penalty for murdering a Starfleet captain was a life sentence. (DIS: "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad")

In 2151, a group of Nausicaan pirates was up killing the crew of the Earth Cargo Service freighter ECS Fortunate because they held one Nausicaan hostage aboard their ship. (ENT: "Fortunate Son")

The murder of alien crews by the Takret Militia forced Rellus Tagrim, Renth, and Guri to desert from the military. (ENT: "The Catwalk")

When Doctor Hugh Culber discovered that Ash Tyler was in reality an choH'a' altered Voq, the Klingon responded by murdering Culber. (DIS: "Despite Yourself"). Culber's body still contained his life essence when he was discovered by his husband Paul Stamets, who had been partially connected to the mycelial network at the time. Culber's life essence was drawn in to the network, and he was later resurrected by the jahSepp. (DIS: "Saints of Imperfection")

In 2263 of the alternate reality, the Teenaxi leader claimed to James T. Kirk that the Fibonans wanted see the Teenaxi murdered in their own beds. (Star Trek Beyond)

In 2269, James T. Kirk accused Stavos Keniclius 5 of murdering Spock to produce Spock Two. (TAS: "The Infinite Vulcan")

In 2366, Data asked that his kidnapper Kivas Fajo be arrested on charges of murder, as well as other charges, due to Fajo's killing of Varria. (TNG: "The Most Toys")

In 2369, Jadzia Dax was falsely accused of murder by the Klaestrons for killing General Ardelon Tandro during Dax's joining with Curzon . (DS9: "Dax")

Kira Nerys told Commander Sisko about the murders the Cardassians committed at the Gallitep labor camp. First came the humiliation, then the rape of mothers in front of their children, the husbands beaten until their wives couldn't recognize them, and the old people who were buried alive because they couldn't work anymore. The end of all this was the murder. (DS9: "Duet")

Gowron told D'Ghor in 2371 that if he was willing to murder an unarmed Quark on the floor of the Klingon High Council, that he was without honor. D'Ghor then received discommendation from Gowron and the Council. (DS9: "The House of Quark")

Joran Belar, one of the Dax symbiont's former hosts, murdered the doctor who dropped him from the Trill Initiate Program. (DS9: "Equilibrium")

The Orion Syndicate was involved in many unsolved murders. (DS9: "Honor Among Thieves")

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Victim Killer Year Method Reason
Alfredo Pedillo Jose Bobby Cabe 1930 Unknown Unknown
Degra Dolim 2154 Stabbed Degra had destroyed a Reptilian ship and subsequently sided with Jonathan Archer
Three Andorians Stone 2250s Unknown Bigotry towards Andorians
Hugh Culber
(Later resurrected)
Voq 2250s Neck snap Culber had discovered that "Ash Tyler", Voq's identity as a sleeper agent, was an impostor. Culber's life essence was preserved within the mycelial network and he was later revived.
Danby Connor (mirror) Michael Burnham 2250s Stabbed Self-preservation; Connor had himself attempted to murder Burnham
Barlow Maddox 2257 DNA of the Comtaxan parasite Maddox blamed Gabriel Lorca, who Barlow was loyal to, for his sister's death
Maddox Gabriel Lorca (mirror) 2257 Grievous bodily harm Retaliation for Barlow's murder, escape from the agony booth
Paul Stamets (mirror) Ellen Landry (mirror) 2257 Shot with a type 3 phaser Execution under Gabriel Lorca's orders; Stamets' betrayal of Lorca
Gabriel Lorca (mirror) Philippa Georgiou (mirror) 2257 Stabbed, then kicked into super-mycelial reactor Execution for treason
Ujilli Followers of Kol-Sha 2257 Stabbed Political opportunism on Kol-Sha's part; Kol-Sha intended to kidnap Ujilli's great-nephew to force the boy's mother, High Chancellor L'Rell, to abdicate
A psychiatric doctor and two officers working on Starbase 5 (allegedly) Spock 2257 None, as the accusations were fabricated by Section 31 via Control; in reality, Spock had subdued these people with the Vulcan nerve pinch Escape from Starbase 5
Multiple Section 31-affiliated Admirals, including Patar Control 2257 Disabling of Section 31 Headquarters life support Desire to become all-powerful at all costs
Leland (subsequently reanimated) Control 2257 Nanotechnology The rogue AI intended to take control of Leland's body
Entire crew of NI-1101, including Kamran Gant; Gant was subsequently reanimated Control 2257 Spacing The crew had discovered that Control had infested the ship's systems, and the rogue AI intended to set a trap for Michael Burnham
Lee Kelso Gary Mitchell 2265 Telekinetic strangling Self-preservation; effort to prevent Kelso from activating a conditional self-destruct
Mathews Ruk 2266 Pushed off a precipice Prevent him from aiding James T. Kirk and Christine Chapel
Rayburn Ruk 2266 Pushed into a cavern Prevent him from aiding James T. Kirk and Christine Chapel
Thomas Leighton Lenore Karidian 2266 Unknown Prevent him from identifying Kodos, Karidian's father
Jackson Sylvia 2267 "Thought" to death Prevent him from identifying what happened to the away team
Maab Kras 2267 Shot with stolen phaser Maab intentionally allowed himself to be murdered to allow Keel to kill Kras
Kara Redjac 2267 Unknown Creating fear for it to feed on
Karen Tracy Redjac 2267 Stabbed Creating fear for it to feed on
Sybo Redjac 2267 Unknown Creating fear for it to feed on
Montgomery Scott (later revived) Nomad 2267 Defense screens Considered Scott to be "imperfect"
Carlisle Nomad 2267 Vaporized with an energy beam Considered Carlisle to be "imperfect"
Enterprise security guard Nomad 2267 Vaporized with energy beams Considered guard to be "imperfect"
Enterprise security guard Nomad 2267 Vaporized with energy beams Considered guard to be "imperfect"
Enterprise security guard Nomad 2267 Vaporized with energy beams Considered guard to be "imperfect"
Marple Gamma Trianguli VI native 2267 Struck with a club Following the orders of the false god Vaal
Three ISS Enterprise security guards Marlena Moreau (mirror) 2267 Vaporized by the Tantalus field The three were attempting to murder James T. Kirk and Spock under the orders of Hikaru Sulu.
Gav Thelev 2267 Neck snap Thelev was attempting to sabotage the Babel Conference
Nona Group of Villagers 2268 Stabbed Mistook her meeting for a trap due to the arrival of Tyree and James T. Kirk
Leslie Thompson Rojan 2268 Reduced to minerals and crushed Demonstrating his power to James T. Kirk
Harper M-5 multitronic unit 2268 Power beam Self-preservation; Harper was attempting to disable the unit
Galloway Ronald Tracey 2268 Shot with a phaser A landing party Galloway was a part of had just discovered Tracey's crimes
Watson Kryton 2268 Neck snap The engineer had caught Kryton sabotaging the antimatter pods
Compton Rael 2268 Neck slashed Turned against the Scalosians when they attacked Kirk
Wyatt, D'Amato, and John B. Watkins Losira (hologram) 2268 Kalandan defense system Programmed to destroy any lifeform that was not Kalandan
Marta Garth of Izar 2268 Blown up before she could choke to death Demonstration of what would become of the hostages should Garth not be allowed to leave the Elba II asylum
Jedda Clark Terrell 2285 Shot with a phaser Terrell, under the influence of a Ceti eel, was attempting to assist Khan Noonien Singh in stealing the Genesis Device
David Marcus Klingon sergeant 2285 Stabbed with a d'k tahg Intended victim was Saavik, who Marcus protected
Multiple Kronos One personnel, including Gorkon Burke and Samno 2293 Shot with a phaser Effort to sabotage the Khitomer Accords
Burke and Samno Valeris 2293 Shot with a phaser Eliminating accomplices to prevent her role in Gorkon's murder from being exposed
Martia Klingon Commandant 2293 Shot with a disruptor The Commandant believed he was killing James T. Kirk
William Hodges and Marla Finn Walter Pierce (murder-suicide) 2362 Plasma discharge Pierce discovered that Finn was cheating on him
Natasha Yar Armus 2364 Energy discharge Yar was attempting to return to the shuttlepod
Vaatrik Kira Nerys 2365 Unknown Self-preservation
Varria Kivas Fajo 2366 Shot with Varon-T disruptor Varria was attempting to help Data escape
Entire Husnock race Kevin Uxbridge 2366 Abilities inherent to the Douwd A Husnock warship had attacked the Rana IV colony where Uxbridge and his wife lived, killing all colonists except for Uxbridge
Ibudan's clone Ibudan 2369 Stabbed Ultimately unsuccessful attempt to frame Odo for Ibudan's murder
Kee-Bhor Hon-Tihl 2369 Unknown Hon-Tihl was driven insane by Saltah'na energy spheres
Ro-Kel Croden 2369 Shot Croden was attempting to mug Ro-Kel and Ah-Kel
Aquino Neela 2369 Shot with a phaser Aquino caught Neela planning out an escape route
Aamin Marritza Kainon 2369 Stabbed Bigotry towards Cardassians stemming from the Occupation of Bajor
Li Nalas Day 2370 Shot with a phaser Intended target was Benjamin Sisko, who had helped expose the Alliance for Global Unity as unwitting pawns for the Cardassian Union
Tolen Ren Banean doctor 2371 Unknown Planned to give the Numiri Banean weapon designs; framed Tom Paris for the murder
Dekora Assan Retaya (suspected) Prior to 2371 None; exonerated due to mistaken identity None; exonerated due to mistaken identity
Frank Darwin Lon Suder 2372 Assault with a coil spanner None; victim of Suder's violent tendencies
Imutta Vedek Porta 2372 Defenestration Porta considered Imutta "unclean" due to his D'jarra
Tuvix Kathryn Janeway 2372 Reversal of transporter accident Done in order to regain Tuvok and Neelix
Vreenak Garak 2374 Sabotage Effort to convince the Romulan Star Empire to enter the Dominion War
Three USS Voyager crewmembers Group of Kyrian terrorists led by Tedran 2374 Shot Killed in the course of an attack on Voyager, whose crew they believed to be allying with the Vaskans against them
Tedran Daleth (the Kyrians believed Kathryn Janeway responsible until a backup of The Doctor debunked The Voyager Encounter in 3074) 2374 Shot Tedran's attack on the USS Voyager; bigotry towards Kyrians
Jadzia Dax Dukat 2374 Power granted by the Pah-wraiths Jadzia was between Dukat and the Orb of Contemplation
Morica Bilby Norvo Tigan 2375 Unknown Tigan snapped after years of emotional abuse
Dougherty Ru'afo 2375 Face torn apart by face-stretching device Dougherty had turned on the Son'a after learning their true colors
Zim Brott, Hector Ilario, and Greta Vanderweg Chu'lak 2375 Shot with a TR-116 rifle Chu'lak had been driven insane by suppressed trauma and decided to kill any individual with pictures of anyone showing emotions because "logic demanded it".
Several nucleogenic lifeforms Rudolph Ransom 2376 Unknown Fuel for the USS Equinox's warp core
Joe Carey Verin 2378 Shot with an antimatter rifle Verin rejected Janeway's idea of removing the antimatter radiation caused by Friendship 1
All members of the Romulan Senate besides Tal'aura Shinzon by proxy of Tal'aura 2379 Thalaron generator Coup d'état
Multiple people on and around Mars Oh by proxy of a number of A500 synths, including F8 2385 Attack on Mars False flag operation to discredit artificial life in an effort to prevent Ganmadan
Caler Zhat Vash assassins 2399 Stabbed He was with Dahj Asha, who the Zhat Vash believed to be an apocalyptic demon by virtue of being synthetic
Dahj Asha Zhat Vash assassins 2399 Disintegrated The assassins believed her to be an apocalyptic demon by virtue of being synthetic
Bjayzl Seven of Nine 2399 Shot with two type 3 phasers Vengeance for Icheb, who had been butchered for parts by doctors under Bjayzl's orders
Bruce Maddox Agnes Jurati 2399 Deactivation of hematic microrepair unit Compelled to do so by Oh through a mind meld that made her aware of the Admonition
Multiple xBs on the Artifact Zhat Vash agents under orders by Narissa 2399 Shot Punishment for Hugh, who had helped Jean-Luc Picard and Soji Asha escape to Nepenthe
Saga Sutra 2399 Stabbed in the eye False flag operation to make the idea of summoning ancient synths more convincing

Alternate reality

Victim Killer Year Method Reason
Richard Robau Nero 2233 Stabbed The discovery that the Narada had travelled over 150 years in the past
Billions on Vulcan, including Amanda Grayson Nero 2258 Destruction of Vulcan The prime timeline Federation's abandonment of a planned evacuation of Romulus after the Attack on Mars (PIC: "Remembrance"), and Spock's failure to reach the Romulan system before the supernova destroyed the planet
41 Kelvin Memorial Archive personnel Thomas Harewood (murder-suicide) 2259 Bombing Blackmail by Khan Noonien Singh, who intended to lure high-ranking Starfleet officers to the Daystrom Conference Room to set up a subsequent murder
Multiple high-ranking Starfleet officers, including Christopher Pike Khan Noonien Singh 2259 Attack on Daystrom Conference Room Retaliation for Alexander Marcus' apparent murder of Khan's followers
Alexander Marcus Khan Noonien Singh 2259 Crushed skull by Khan's bare hands Marcus' enslavement of Khan and kidnapping of his followers
Angela Martine and Robert Tomlinson Krall 2263 Energy transference device Demonstration of the device
Syl Krall 2263 Abronath Test subject

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