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Murphy Anderson (9 July 192622 October 2015; age 89) was an American comic book artist, well known for his work for DC Comics during the "Golden Age". He worked with both pencils and inks and is credited with creating early defining images of the modern-day Flash, Adam Strange, Superman, and Batman characters.

During his career, he won a variety of awards, including a Best Comic Book Cover award with Carmine Infantino in 1964 and entered the Will Eisner Comic Industry Hall of Fame as a Voter's choice in 1999, shortly after his retirement from the industry.

In the early 2000s, he formed Murphy Anderson Visual Concepts, a company based out of New Jersey that provides color separations and lettering for comic books.

His lone Star Trek contribution was in "Who's Who in Star Trek 2" penciling and inking the Organians entry.

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