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The Enterprise crew and their enemies are trapped in a world that does not exist!


After traversing a cosmic storm, the Enterprise and a Klingon Battle Cruiser find themselves in a timeless netherspace called Limbo. In this Limbo are dozens of spaceships that were reported missing over the centuries from races all over the galaxy. The inhabitants tell the newcomers that there is no way out. The Federation and Klingon vessels eventually break out of Limbo by cooperating. Even though the way out had been discovered, Limbo's inhabitants weren't interested in leaving. Once free, Captain Kirk and the Klingon ship captain communicate and decide that it would be foolish to cooperate one minute and try to kill one another the next. So the two ships go their separate ways.

Background information



James T. Kirk
Enterprise captain.
Vulcan Enterprise exec and science officer.
Leonard McCoy
Enterprise chief medical officer.
Montgomery Scott
Enterprise chief engineer.
The Curator
An older man in the "museum".


A Large blue dog-like creature.
Krugar III
A planet.
Starbase 9
A Federation starbase.

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#14: "The Enterprise Mutiny" Gold Key TOS #16: "Day of the Inquisitors"