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The Museum of Kyrian Heritage.

The skeleton of a Kyrian animal.

The Museum of Kyrian Heritage was a museum that existed on the Kyrian-Vaskan homeworld during the 31st century. It was created by Quarren.

The exhibits included pieces of art, technology, and natural history. There were also some items from the USS Voyager on display, including a photon torpedo, a medical tricorder, a PADD and a phaser.

The museum also featured The Voyager Encounter, holographic reconstruction of the events on Voyager that led to the Great War between the Kyrians and the Vaskans, as well as a schematic of the "warship Voyager". It incorrectly depicted the Voyager crew as ruthless warmongers whose superior weaponry had devastated the Kyrian population.

After an EMH backup module was recovered beneath the ruins at Kesef, it was sent to the museum to be studied by Quarren. He managed to reactivate the hologram, which helped reveal and correct the revisionist history taught at the museum.

These events led to a race riot, which saw rioters entering the museum and smashing exhibits. They believed the museum to be "filled with lies". The museum was eventually cordoned off, but the unrest continued elsewhere. The Doctor's testimony proved to be a starting point for eventual reconciliation and within years came the dawn of harmony. (VOY: "Living Witness")

Among the exhibits were skeletons of Dimetrodon and Megatherium, as well as a model of Pteranodon, all extinct animals from Earth.
The museum was apparently equipped with holographic emitters (even outside the The Voyager Encounter), as the EMH backup could move freely inside it without his mobile emitter. This might be related to the acceptance of artificial lifeforms within this society.
The Museum of Kyrian Heritage set, built on Paramount Stage 16, was re-used in Star Trek: Insurrection as the body enhancement facility aboard Ru'afo's flagship. (The Secrets of Star Trek: Insurrection, p. 117)