A music academy or music school was an educational institution where music skills were nurtured, such as the training of composers and other musicians. The Aldebaran Music Academy was one notable music school. (DS9: "Shadowplay")

There was a music school onboard the USS Enterprise-D. Due to the influence of an alien probe in 2367, Reginald Barclay was able to teach violin technique there, despite having never played the violin before. (TNG: "The Nth Degree")

Joran Belar and his brother Yolad both attended the same music academy. While attempting to locate information on Joran in 2371, Benjamin Sisko and Julian Bashir looked up enrollment records found in the Trill central database, during his investigation into Jadzia Dax's illness, for all Trill music academies, finding Yolad's name instead. (DS9: "Equilibrium")

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