Musilla Province was a region on the planet Bajor. It was the location of the Holana River.

In 2366, the Bajoran Resistance committed four bombings in this province, which were very similar to an assassination attempt on Gul Dukat on Deep Space 9 that year. (DS9: "Things Past")

A friend of Kira Nerys owned a two hundred-year-old cottage in the province by 2373. This cottage was located in a forest, twenty kilometers from the next neighbor and thirty from the next settlement. It had two balconies, three fireplaces, and the Holana River was visible from every room. Kira considered it one of Bajor's most romantic places. (DS9: "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places")

Musilla Province was home to a university. By 2373, Mobara, a former member of the Shakaar resistance cell, worked at the university's engineering school. He was murdered there that year by Silaran Prin. (DS9: "The Darkness and the Light")

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 42), this province was located in Bajor's northern hemisphere.
According to the script for "The Darkness and the Light", Musilla was pronounced as "MOO-sill-ah".

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