Quinns column

Quinn's column

"My Corner of the Continuum" was an example of the philosophical treatises of Quinn, a member of the Q Continuum, as presented to Kathryn Janeway and Tuvok during their visit to the Continuum as part of the asylum request for Quinn aboard the USS Voyager.

The column was presented in a magazine titled The New as part of a manifestation of the Continuum that Q believed would be comprehensible to Human minds. It was this treatise, in particular a philosophical argument "I'm Ready to Die; How About You?" that marked the beginning of Quinn's fall from grace within the Continuum. It was his first public position on the acceptability and necessity of suicide and started an enormous debate within Q society.

The article read:

For many years as I have put my thoughts to paper and written this column, it has occurred to me that I would run out of things to say, find nothing new to comment about. But I have. And it's deeply troubling to me. Frankly, I believe the time has come for the Continuum to look at the possibility that immortality is not in this society's best interest. I have found myself recently looking at my life and saying "I've had enough. Why not call it quits?" And you know what? I've decided that's exactly what I want to do. Let's take a good hard look at our life. Each of us should ask himself "Have I had enough?" My answer is yes.

The debate escalated and eventually resulted in Quinn being declared mentally unstable and confined within a rogue comet for nearly three hundred years. (VOY: "Death Wish")

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