Sub-commander N'Vek was an officer in the Romulan Star Empire and also a member of the Romulan underground movement in the 2360s.

In 2369, he was serving on the Romulan Warbird IRW Khazara. He arranged the kidnapping of Counselor Deanna Troi for her to pose as Major Rakal, a member of the Tal Shiar, and informed her about the assignment. Troi ordered the warbird's commander, Toreth, to proceed to a rendezvous with a Corvallen freighter. The warbird was to transport its secret cargo to the freighter. The underground had also arranged for the USS Enterprise-D to rendezvous with the freighter to take the 'cargo' to the Federation. The cargo was actually three defecting Romulans, including a high ranking member of the Romulan Senate, Vice-proconsul M'ret.

When the warbird encountered the freighter, Troi sensed that the captain had no intention of delivering the three Romulans to the Enterprise-D. N'Vek then destroyed the freighter, claiming Troi ordered him to do it. Later, after encountering the Enterprise-D, Troi ordered him to "attack" the Enterprise-D after Toreth was relieved of command. N'Vek successfully transported the three Romulans to the Enterprise-D through a low-power disruptor beam. He was shot with a hand disruptor and killed shortly afterwards by a member of the Khazara's crew after Toreth discovered his deception. (TNG: "Face of the Enemy")

N'Vek was played by actor Scott MacDonald.
In the first draft script he was named Verak.
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