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USS Enterprise orbiting Rigel XII

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701

NCC was a registry number prefix used on starships in service with the Federation Starfleet. (TOS: "The Cage") Vessels using this prefix were listed in the Starfleet Registry. (TOS: "The Ultimate Computer")

In the mirror universe, NCC was used on ships of the Terran Empire. (TOS: "Mirror, Mirror")

In another alternate timeline, NCC was used on ships of the Confederation of Earth. (PIC: "Penance")

NCC registries[]


Registry Ship Name Class Date
NCC-42 USS Heart of Gold unknown 2364
NCC-173 USS Essex Daedalus-class 2167
NCC-176 USS Horizon Daedalus-class unknown
NCC-0220 USS Excelsior Excelsior-type 2368
NCC-221B USS Sherlock Holmes unknown 2364
NCC-325 Woden Antares-type 2268
NCC-330 Yorkshire Antares-type 2267
NCC-500 unknown Saladin-class 2285
NCC-501 Antares Antares-type 2266
NCC-502 unknown Antares-type 2380
NCC-0514 USS Kelvin Kelvin-type 2233
NCC-585 unknown Hermes-class 2285
NCC-595 USS Revere Scout 2270s
NCC-602 USS Oberth Oberth-class 2293
NCC-621 USS Columbia Scout 2270s
NCC-627 USS Archer Archer-type 2259
NCC-638 USS Grissom Oberth-class 2285
NCC-640 USS Copernicus Oberth-class 2286
NCC-815 USS Hiawatha Hiawatha-type 2257
NCC-956 USS Eagle Constitution II-class 2293
NCC-1004 USS T'Plana-Hath Engle-class 2256
NCC-1017 USS Constellation Constitution-class 2267
NCC-1024 USS Whorfin unknown 2293
NCC-1030 USS Glenn Crossfield-class 2256
NCC-1031 USS Discovery Crossfield-class 2256
NCC-1031-A USS Discovery Crossfield-class (refit) 3189
NCC-1067-M USS Tikhov Unknown 3189
NCC-1227 USS Shenzhou Walker-class 2256
NCC-1255 USS Kerala Shepard-class 2256
NCC-1265 USS Ride Shepard-class 2256
NCC-1279 unknown NCC-1279-type 2260
NCC-1287 USS Robert Louis Stevenson unknown 2364
NCC-1309 USS Gagarin Shepard-class 2256
NCC-1371 USS Republic unknown 2254
NCC-1404 USS Alka-Selsior Alka-Selsior-type 2368
NCC-1413 USS Shran Magee-class 2256
NCC-1422 USS Buran Cardenas-class 2250s
NCC-1427 USS Cabot Magee-class 2250s
NCC-1437 USS Yeager Cardenas-class 2256
NCC-G1465 unknown Antares-type (variant) 2269
NCC-1500 USS Pioneer Pioneer-class 2401
NCC-1549 USS Peregrine Sombra-class 2259
NCC-1557 USS Cayuga Constitution-class 2259
NCC-1598 USS Scovill unknown 2293
NCC-1621 USS Sioux Malachowski-class 2256
NCC-1631 USS Intrepid Constitution-class 2267
NCC-1647 USS Farragut Farragut-type 2266
NCC-1648 USS Europa Nimitz-class 2256
NCC-1657 USS Potemkin Constitution-class/Constitution II-class 2268
NCC-1661 USS Clarke Malachowski-class 2256
NCC-1664 USS Excalibur Constitution-class 2267
NCC-1664-M USS Excalibur Constitution-class 3189
NCC-1672 USS Exeter Constitution-class 2267
NCC-1683 USS Edison Hoover-class 2256
NCC-1685 unknown unknown 2267
NCC-1692 USS Helin unknown 2293
NCC-1697 unknown unknown 2267
NCC-1700 unknown Constitution-class 2267
NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Constitution-class/Constitution II-class 2245
NCC-1701-A USS Enterprise Constitution II-class 2286
NCC-1701-B USS Enterprise Excelsior-class 2293
NCC-1701-C USS Enterprise Ambassador-class 2344
NCC-1701-D USS Enterprise Galaxy-class 2363
NCC-1701-E USS Enterprise Sovereign-class 2372
NCC-1701-F USS Enterprise Odyssey-class 2401
NCC-1701-G[1] USS Enterprise Constitution III-class 2402
NCC-1703 USS Hood Constitution-class 2267
NCC-1709 USS Lexington Constitution-class 2267
NCC-1710 USS Kongo unknown 2293
NCC-1715 USS Merrimac unknown 2270s
NCC-1718 unknown unknown 2267
NCC-1732 USS John Muir unknown 2293
NCC-1764 USS Defiant Constitution-class 2268
NCC-1831 unknown unknown 2267
NCC-1837 USS Lantree Miranda-class 2293
NCC-1856 USS Emden Constitution II-class 2293
NCC-1864 USS Reliant Miranda-class 2285
NCC-1887 USS Saratoga Miranda-class 2286
NCC-1895 USS Endeavour Constitution II-class 2293
NCC-F1913 USS Huron Huron-type 2270
NCC-1941 USS Bozeman Soyuz-class 2278
NCC-1948 USS Trial Miranda-class 2372
NCC-1963 USS Springfield unknown 2293
NCC-1975 USS New Jersey Constitution-class 2401
NCC-1981 USS Aleo unknown 2364
NCC-1988 USS Equicon unknown 2364
NCC-2000 USS Excelsior Excelsior-class 2285
NCC-2010 USS Jenolan Sydney-class 2294
NCC-2010-5 USS Nash Sydney-class 2370
NCC-2014 USS Korolev Constitution II-class 2293
NCC-2020 USS Excel Excelsior-class 2374
NCC-2032 USS Challenger unknown 2293
NCC-2048 USS Ahwahnee Constitution II-class 2293
NCC-2120 USS Entente Dreadnought 2270s
NCC-2176 USS Leondegrance Lancelot-class 2327
NCC-2544 USS Repulse Excelsior-class 2365
NCC-2593 USS Hathaway Constellation-class 2285
NCC-2604 USS Credence Credence-type 3191
NCC-2893 USS Stargazer Constellation-class 2333
NCC-3801 unknown Ptolemy-class 2285
NCC-4000 unknown Transport container 2285
NCC-4077 USS James Fennimore Cooper unknown 2364
NCC-4186 unknown Miranda-class 2374
NCC-4774-E USS Yelchin unknown 3069
NCC-5252 USS Omaha Nebraska unknown 2364
NCC-6342 USS Nightwing unknown 2364
NCC-7100 unknown Constellation-class 2364
NCC-9481 USS Late Miranda-class 2373
NCC-9754 USS Victory Constellation-class 2362
NCC-9844 USS Antares Miranda-class 2374
10281NCC Bonaventure Bonaventure-type unknown
NCC-10367 USS Constance Constellation-class 2367
NCC-10376 USS Hermes unknown 2368
NCC-11574 USS Ajax Apollo-class 2327
NCC-12101 USS Solvang California-class 2380
NCC-12109 USS Rubidoux California-class 2380
NCC-12537 USS Clement unknown 2370
NCC-12622 USS Matte Fringe unknown 2364
NCC-12628 USS Non Sequitur unknown 2364
NCC-14232 USS Berlin Excelsior-class 2364
NCC-14598 USS Fearless Excelsior-class 2364
NCC-14934 USS Tecumseh unknown 2350s
NCC-16585 USS Tranquillity Base unknown 2364
NCC-17744 USS Syracuse Galaxy-class 2401
NCC-19002 USS Yosemite Oberth-class 2369
NCC-19386 USS Tripoli Cruiser 2338
NCC-19585 USS Minnow unknown 2364
NCC-21166 USS Brattain Miranda-class 2367
NCC-21335 USS Laser unknown 2365
NCC-21382 USS Tian An Men Miranda-class 2368
NCC-21534 USS Excalibur unknown 2365
NCC-25306 USS Yuri Gagarin unknown 2365
NCC-25330 USS Endeavour unknown 2365
NCC-25343 USS Elmer Fudd unknown 2364
NCC-25345 USS Yorktown unknown 2365
NCC-26510 USS Yamaguchi Ambassador-class 2366
NCC-26517 USS Excalibur Ambassador-class 2368
NCC-26531 USS Exeter unknown 2371
NCC-27445 USS Excelsior unknown 2365
NCC-28573 USS Max Plank unknown 2364
NCC-29487 USS Raman unknown 2370
NCC-30405 USS Lexington Nebula-class 2365
NCC-31060 USS Majestic Miranda-class 2374
NCC-31600 USS Bonestell Oberth-class 2366
NCC-31720 unknown Miranda-class 2374
NCC-31905 USS ShirKahr Miranda-class 2374
NCC-31910 USS Nautilus Miranda-class 2374
NCC-31911 USS Saratoga Miranda-class 2367
NCC-32591 USS Sitak Miranda-class 2374
NCC-33184 USS Zapata unknown 2366
NCC-37124 USS Trieste Merced-class 2364
NCC-38529 USS Sarajevo unknown 2373
NCC-38907 USS Intrepid unknown 2346
NCC-39222 USS Endeavour unknown 2364
NCC-42023 USS Eureka Excelsior II-class 2401
NCC-42026 USS Mestral Excelsior II-class 2401
NCC-42037 USS Excelsior Excelsior II-class 2401
NCC-42043 USS Centaur Centaur-type 2374
NCC-42111 USS Fredrickson Excelsior-class 2371
NCC-42136 USS Cairo Excelsior-class 2383
NCC-42254 USS Curry Curry-type 2374
NCC-42284 Raging Queen Curry-type 2374
NCC-42285 USS Charleston Excelsior-class 2364
NCC-42296 USS Hood Excelsior-class 2361
NCC-42768 USS Lakota Excelsior-class 2372
NCC-43305 USS Valley Forge Excelsior-class 2374
NCC-43622 USS Constantinople unknown 2365
NCC-43730 USS Wyoming unknown 2349
NCC-44278 USS Archer unknown 2379
NCC-45167 USS Aries Renaissance-class 2365
NCC-45231 USS Hornet unknown 2368
NCC-50532 USS Artemis unknown 2365
NCC-50585 USS Apollo unknown 2365
NCC-50587 USS El-Tejear unknown 2365
NCC-51054 USS Nausicaä unknown 2365
NCC-51823 USS Farouk El-Baz unknown 2365
NCC-51843 USS Saratoga unknown 2365
NCC-51865 USS Neil Armstrong unknown 2365
NCC-52136 USS Appalachia Steamrunner-class 2373
NCC-52187 USS Hokule'a unknown 2365
NCC-52277 USS Harlan unknown 2401
NCC-52518 USS Bushwacker unknown 2365
NCC-52670 USS Passaro Sabrerunner-class 2381
NCC-52716 USS Atlantis unknown 2365
NCC-53451 USS Ganymede unknown 2364
NCC-53847 USS Pegasus Oberth-class 2358
NCC-53911 SS Tsiolkovsky Oberth-class 2363
NCC-53421 USS Wellington unknown 2365
NCC-55012 USS Nobel unknown 2370
NCC-55632 USS Copernicus unknown 2364
NCC-55817 USS Constellation unknown 2364
NCC-57302 USS Chekov Springfield-class 2366
NCC-57580 USS Buran Challenger-class 2366
NCC-59318 USS Cochrane Oberth-class 2367
NCC-59621 USS Goddard Korolev-class 2366
NCC-59804 USS Princeton Niagara-class 2366
NCC-60205 USS Honshu Nebula-class 2374
NCC-60597 USS Farragut Nebula-class 2371
NCC-61357 USS Argo Saber-class 2401
NCC-61465 unknown Antares-type (variant) 2269
NCC-61826 USS Monitor Nebula-class 2366
NCC-61827 USS Merrimac Nebula-class 2366
NCC-61947 USS Yeager Saber-class 2373
NCC-62043 USS Melbourne Excelsior-class 2364
NCC-62048 USS Bellerophon Nebula-class 2367
NCC-62136 USS Zhukov Ambassador-class 2366
NCC-62158 USS Akagi unknown 2368
NCC-62497 USS Akira Akira-class 2401
NCC-63284 USS Helios Akira-class 2401
NCC-63277 USS Masaka unknown 2401
NCC-63293 USS Rabin Akira-class 2401
NCC-63328 USS Wersching Akira-class 2401
NCC-63549 USS Thunderchild Akira-class 2373
NCC-63748 USS Discovery unknown 2364
NCC-63887 USS Avalon Akira-class 2401
NCC-63898 USS Spector unknown 2401
NCC-64280 USS Firesword Akira-class 2401
NCC-64923 USS Budapest Norway-class 2373
NCC-65117 USS Unicorn unknown 2364
NCC-65123 USS Albert Einstein unknown 2364
NCC-65133 USS John F. Kennedy unknown 2364
NCC-65183 USS Tycho unknown 2364
NCC-65343 USS Puget Sound unknown 2364
NCC-65420 USS Phoenix Nebula-class 2363
NCC-65491 USS Kyushu New Orleans-class 2366
NCC-65530 USS Thomas Paine New Orleans-class 2364
NCC-65543 USS Mustang unknown 2364
NCC-65616 USS Callisto unknown 2364
NCC-65674 USS Yeager Yeager-type 2373
NCC-67016 USS Liberator unknown 2367
NCC-68455 USS Sentinel Akira-class 2401
NCC-68723 USS Firebrand Freedom-class 2367
NCC-70352 USS Leeds Nebula-class 2373
NCC-70492 USS Vancouver Parliament-class 2380
NCC-70494 USS Toronto Parliament-class 2382
NCC-70637 USS Galaxy Galaxy-class 2373
NCC-70915 USS Bonchune Nebula-class 2374
NCC-71099 USS Challenger Galaxy-class 2377
NCC-71201 USS Prometheus Nebula-class 2370
NCC-71325 unknown unknown 2371
NCC-71620 USS Ahwahnee Cheyenne-class 2366
NCC-71805 USS Endeavour unknown 2368
NCC-71807 USS Yamato Galaxy-class 2365
NCC-71832 USS Odyssey Galaxy-class 2370
NCC-71854 USS Venture Galaxy-class 2372
NCC-72015 USS Sutherland Nebula-class 2367
NCC-72210 USS Mandel unknown 2401
NCC-72370 USS Trumbull Duderstadt-class 2401
NCC-72381 USS Equinox Nova-class 2370
NCC-72435 USS Erebus unknown 2401
NCC-72504 USS Van Citters Sovereign-class 2381
NCC-72507 USS Atlantis unknown 2364
NCC-72707 USS Vacaville California-class 2381
NCC-72922 USS Gremlin unknown 2364
NCC-73110 USS Carlsbad California-class 2381
NCC-73515 USS Nova unknown 2379
NCC-73811 USS Sovereign Sovereign-class 2384
NCC-74107 USS Okuda Sovereign-class 2401
NCC-74121 USS Elkins Elkins-type 2374
NCC-74181 USS Pachacuti Sovereign-class 2401
NCC-74210 USS Valiant Defiant-class 2372
NCC-74543 USS Eureka California-class 2381
NCC-74600 USS Intrepid unknown 2370
NCC-74656 USS Voyager Intrepid-class 2371
NCC-74656-A USS Voyager Lamarr-class 2384
NCC-74656-B USS Voyager Pathfinder-class 2401
NCC-74656-D USS Voyager unknown 2381
NCC-74656-J USS Voyager Intrepid-class 3189
NCC-74660 USS Musashi Sovereign-class 2401
NCC-74669 USS Gilgamesh Sovereign-class 2401
NCC-74705 USS Bellerophon Intrepid-class 2371
NCC-74877 USS Valkyrie Sovereign-class 2401
NCC-74922 USS Warspite Sovereign-class 2401
NCC-74957 USS Hutchinson Sovereign-class 2401
NCC-74975 USS Hrothgar Sovereign-class 2401
NCC-74980 USS Igraine unknown 2401
NCC-75012 USS Oakland California-class 2381
NCC-75018 USS Inaieu Sovereign-class 2401
NCC-75020 USS Jaresh-Inyo Sovereign-class 2401
NCC-75077 USS Forrest Unknown 2401
NCC-75117 USS Glasgow Sovereign-class 2401
NCC-75148 USS Vanguard Ross-class 2401
NCC-75227 unknown Mission scoutship 2375
NCC-75256 USS Alhambra California-class 2381
NCC-75306 USS Venture Sovereign-class 2401
NCC-75307 USS Arsinoe Sovereign-class 2401
NCC-75418 USS Valiant unknown 2379
NCC-75441 USS Zantra Duderstadt-class 2402
NCC-75567 USS Cerritos California-class 2379
NCC-75633[2] USS Sao Paulo Defiant-class 2375
NCC-75710 USS Ibn Majid Curiosity-class 2390
NCC-75922 USS Ark Royal Sovereign-class 2402
NCC-76545 USS Yi Sun-Sin Ross-class 2401
NCC-76710 USS Ross Ross-class 2401
NCC-76725[3] unknown Ross-class 2401
NCC-77567 unknown unknown 2380
NCC-77690 USS Vasa Duderstadt-class 2402
NCC-79520 USS Intrepid Duderstadt-class 2401
NCC-80101 USS Luna Luna-class 2401
NCC-80102 USS Titan Luna-class 2380
NCC-80102-A[1] USS Titan Constitution III-class 2401
NCC-80103 USS Oberon Luna-class 2401
NCC-80104 USS Europa Luna-class 2401
NCC-80105 USS Io unknown 2401
NCC-80106 USS Triton unknown 2401
NCC-80107 USS Ganymede unknown 2401
NCC-80108 USS Amalthea unknown 2401
NCC-80109 USS Callisto unknown 2401
NCC-80110 USS Rhea unknwon 2401
NCC-80111 USS Charon unknown 2401
NCC-80112 USS Galatea unknown 2401
NCC-80113 USS Tourangeau unknown 2401
NCC-80114 USS Ariel unknown 2401
NCC-80115 USS Iapetus unknown 2401
NCC-80116 USS Himalia unknown 2401
NCC-80117 USS Proteus unknown 2401
NCC-80816 USS Dauntless Dauntless-class 2383
NCC-81084 USS Prodigy Protostar-class 2385
NCC-82807 USS Chawla Sagan-class 2401
NCC-82821 USS Explorer Sagan-class 2401
NCC-82835 USS Ashland Sagan-class 2401
NCC-82893 USS Stargazer Sagan-class 2401
NCC-83002 USS Archimedes Obena-class 2381
NCC-86501 USS Nathan Hale Inquiry-class 2401
NCC-86503 USS Rustazh Inquiry-class 2401
NCC-86505 USS Zheng He Inquiry-class 2399
NCC-86509 USS Magellan Inquiry-class 2401
NCC-86516 USS Cochrane Unknown 2401
NCC-86517 USS Shackleton Inquiry-class 2401
NCC-86518 USS Janaran Inquiry-class 2402
NCC-86538 USS Norgay Inquiry-class 2401
NCC-86539 USS Cabot unknown 2401
NCC-86610 USS Kumari Inquiry-class 2402
NCC-87075 USS Merced California-class 2380
NCC-87270 USS Ticonderoga unknown 2364
NCC-87883 USS Varian Fry Inquiry-class 2401
NCC-90200 USS Reliant Reliant-class 2401
NCC-90205 USS Enkidu Reliant-class 2401
NCC-90206 USS Clark Reliant-class 2401
NCC-90211 USS Shras Reliant-class 2401
NCC-90213 USS T'Jan Reliant-class 2401
NCC-90214 USS Uhura Reliant-class 2401
NCC-90216 USS Tiro Reliant-class 2401
NCC-90219 USS Cobb unknown 2401
NCC-90221 USS Maha Naree Reliant-class 2402
NCC-90225 USS Thy'lek Shran Reliant-class 2401
NCC-90227 USS Sarahd Reliant-class 2401
NCC-90232 USS Azetbur Reliant-class 2401
NCC-90235 USS Shallash Reliant-class 2401
NCC-90237 USS Ni'Var Reliant-class 2402
NCC-91800 USS Sutherland Sutherland-class 2401
NCC-91814 USS Huygens Sutherland-class 2401
NCC-91816 USS Chandrasekhar Sutherland-class 2401
NCC-91825 USS Hypatia Sutherland-class 2401
NCC-91863 USS Solkar Sutherland-class 2402
NCC-91870 USS Almagest Sutherland-class 2401
NCC-91965 USS Ibn al-Haytham Sutherland-class 2401
NCC-92420 USS Hikaru Sulu unknown 2401
NCC-97422 USS Yorktown Echelon-class 2401
NCC-97452 USS Minor Echelon-class 2401
NCC-97621 USS Eaves unknown 2401
NCC-97626 USS Drexler unknown 2401
NCC-97930 USS Gagarin Gagarin-class 2401
NCC-97936 USS Christopher Gagarin-class 2401
NCC-97938 USS Cole Echelon-class 2401
NCC-97942 USS Sternbach Echelon-class 2401
NCC-97944 USS John Kelly unknown 2401
NCC-97945 USS Resnik Gagarin-class 2401
NCC-97949 USS Cunningham Gagarin-class 2401
NCC-97951 USS Gotana-Retz Gagarin-class 2401
NCC-97955 USS Passaro Gagarin-class 2402
NCC-103145 USS Gregory Jein Jein-class 2401
NCC-316608 USS Giacconi unknown 3069
NCC-317856 USS Armstrong Constitution-class 3189
NCC-325002[4] USS Noble Constitution-class 3189
NCC-325019 USS Dresselhaus Dresselhaus-type 3189
NCC-325027 USS Mitchell Merian-class 3190
NCC-325062 USS Locherer Merian-class 3191
NCC-325070 USS Nog Eisenberg-class 3189
NCC-325072 USS Hansando Hansando-type 3189
NCC-325084 USS Song Courage-class 3189

  1. 1.0 1.1 The USS-Titan-A (NCC-80102-A) was rechristened as the USS-Enerprise-G (NCC-1701-G) after Picard's crew destroyed the Borg in 2402
  2. The original Defiant's registry number of NX-74205 was used on the hull and internal displays.
  3. This number was used for the USS Archer and the USS Hanson.
  4. This number was used, as well, for the USS Federation.


Registry Ship Name Class Date
NCC-72452 USS Rio Grande Danube-class 2369
NCC-72454 USS Ganges Danube-class 2369
NCC-72617 USS Mekong Danube-class 2371
NCC-72936 USS Rubicon Danube-class 2371
NCC-73024 USS Shenandoah Danube-class 2374
NCC-73918 unknown Danube-class 2375


Registry Ship Name Class Date
NCC-K7 unknown Class F shuttlecraft 2268
NCC-16314 Setar Class F shuttlecraft 2267
NCC-1701/R6 unknown Scouter-gig 2269
NCC-17012 Columbus Class F shuttlecraft 2267
NCC-1701/3 unknown NCC-1701/3 type shuttlecraft 2269
NCC-17014 unknown NCC-1701/3 type shuttlecraft 2269
NCC-1701\5A unknown Aqua-shuttle 2269
NCC-17016 Einstein Class F shuttlecraft 2267
NCC-17017 Galileo Class F shuttlecraft 2267
NCC-17017 Galileo Class F shuttlecraft 2267
NCC-17017 Galileo II Class F shuttlecraft 2269
NCC-17019 unknown Class F shuttlecraft 2269
NCC-170112 Copernicus unknown 2269
NCC-170112 unknown NCC-1701/3 type shuttlecraft 2269
NCC-7901 Geronimo Geronimo-type 2250s

Shuttles since The Next Generation use their ship of origin's registry number without a shuttle number being added to it.

Alternate NCC registries[]

Registry Ship Name Class Note Date
NCC-1305-E USS Yamato Galaxy-class Seen on an imaginary reproduction of the Yamato 2365
NCC-1701-J USS Enterprise Universe-class May exist in the future 26th century
NCC-1877 USS MacDuff Miranda-class Seen only in holodeck program 2381
NCC-58925 USS Pasteur Olympic-class Seen in an alternate future ca. 2395
NCC-72701 USS Rhode Island Nova-class From an alternate timeline 2404
NCC-80035 USS Wayfarer Sovereign-class Seen only in holodeck program 2381

Mirror universe NCC registries[]

ISS Enterprise (NCC-1701), remastered

The ISS Enterprise NCC-1701

Registry Ship Name Class Date
NCC-1031 ISS Discovery Crossfield-class 2250s
NCC-1227 ISS Shenzhou Walker-class 2250s
NCC-1422 ISS Buran Cardenas-class 2250s
NCC-1701 ISS Enterprise Constitution-class 2267
NCC-74656-A ISS Voyager Lamarr-class 2380s

Alternate reality NCC registries[]

Nero and the Enterprise

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701

Registry Ship Name Class Date
NCC-0718 USS Biddeford Newton-type 2259
NCC-1621 USS Mayflower Mayflower-type 2258
NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Constitution-class 2258
NCC-1701-A USS Enterprise Constitution-class 2260s
NCC-1727 USS Newton Newton-type 2258
NCC-1769 USS Armstrong Armstrong-type 2258
NCC-2107 USS Salcombe Salcombe-type 2263
NCC-2893 USS Stargazer unknown 2263

Alternate timeline NCC registries[]

Registry Ship Name Class Date
NCC-73827 CSS Leyton Steamrunner-class 2401
NCC-74536 CSS Quinn Nova-class 2401
NCC-75489 CSS Dougherty Nova-class 2401
NCC-93130 CSS Cetus Kaplan F17 Patrol Frigate 2401
NCC-93131 CSS La Sirena Kaplan F17 Patrol Frigate 2401
NCC-93135 CSS Hydra Kaplan F17 Patrol Frigate 2401
NCC-93142 CSS Makara Kaplan F17 Patrol Frigate 2401
NCC-93147 CSS Selkie Kaplan F17 Patrol Frigate 2401
NCC-93148 CSS Charybdis Kaplan F17 Patrol Frigate 2401
NCC-93154 CSS Kappa Kaplan F17 Patrol Frigate 2401
NCC-93159 CSS Ahuizotl Kaplan F17 Patrol Frigate 2401
NCC-93161 CSS Zin Kibaru Kaplan F17 Patrol Frigate 2401
NCC-93165 CSS Scylla Kaplan F17 Patrol Frigate 2401

Vision or illusion NCC registries[]

Registry Ship Name Class Date
NCC-1019 USS Stamets unknown 2250s


See also[]

Background information[]


The shuttlecraft N.C.C. 17019

It has never been established in canon why the letters NCC or NX were chosen, what they stood for, or even if the latter has any relation to the NX-class. In the 23rd and 24th centuries, NX was used to designate an experimental, prototype starship, while NCC would be seen on a standard, regular-production starship.

Star Trek blueprints, sheet 1

Sheet 1 of the Blueprints, introducing the "Naval Construction Contract Number"

Several closeups in "Mudd's Passion" of a registry number on an Enterprise shuttlecraft show the prefix as N.C.C., suggesting the letters are in fact an abbreviation. The 1975 licensed publication Star Trek Blueprints (sheets 1 & 3), which was the work of Franz Joseph, designate the abbreviation to stand for the "Naval Construction Contract Number" of a starship, akin to the real world maritime hull numbering practice. While MA considers a very limited amount of Franz Joseph's work as valid background information for canon purposes, insofar it had actually made onscreen appearances, the abbreviation explanation has not been part of it and remains apocryphal. Still, Joseph's work was once considered "official" by the Star Trek franchise and, ranking among the very first published works of this kind, enjoyed considerable popularity in "Trekdom" at the time, and his explanation of the abbreviation appears to be the more commonly accepted one by them[1]. As "fanon" the designation has been adopted by some Star Trek novelists, such as the below mentioned Diane Carey.

As for the use of NCC as a prefix for Starfleet registry numbers, its designer Matt Jefferies said, when he conceived the prefix in 1964, that the registries for American civil aircraft are preceded by NC, and Soviet craft used a prefix of CCCC, and as such, he more-or-less combined the two. His philosophy was, "If we do anything in space, we (Americans and Russians) have to do it together." [1](X) In contrast, the Star Trek Encyclopedia, 4th ed., vol. 2, p. 69 claims that the second C was just an arbitrary addition to make the registry look better. This notion had actually been confirmed by Jefferies himself on another occasion, "Since the 1920's, N has indicated the United States in Navy terms, and C means 'commercial' vessel. I added an extra C just for fun. Interestingly, Russia's designation is CCC [sic.: Jefferies meant The Soviet Union]. So The N and C together made it kind of international." (Star Trek: The Original Series Sketchbook, p. 62; Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 2, p. 69))

Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 231 from Richmond, Virginia claims that the registry for the original USS Enterprise was inspired by the 1935 WACO Model YOC aircraft owned by Matt Jefferies – his airplane had the registry NC-17740. [2] Jefferies however, quashed this particular notion late in life in latter day interviews himself, among others in Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 1, Issue 10, p. 26, as he didn't even purchase the airplane until 1968 – four years after he had designed the Enterprise and her corresponding registry number – , while concurrently conceding that he never really put much of an effort into debunking the misconception. [3](X)

Conflicting registries[]

Registry Ship Name Class Note Reference
NCC-2541 USS Hood Excelsior-class Seen on filming model, conflicts with NCC-42296 TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint"
NCC-13554 USS Ajax Excelsior-class Seen on a Starfleet operations chart chart, conflicts with Apollo-class and NCC-11574 TNG: "Brothers"
NCC-24383 USS Yamato Galaxy-class Seen on a starship deploy status chart, conflicts with NCC-1305-E and NCC-71807 TNG: "The Measure Of A Man"
NCC-26136 USS Zhukov Ambassador-class Conflicts with NCC-62136 seen on studio model, registry from apocrypha sources TNG: "Data's Day"
NCC-62043 USS Melbourne Nebula-class Excelsior-class Melbourne seen more clearly with the same registry TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II"
NCC-62136 USS Zhukov Rigel-class Seen on Starfleet operations chart, conflicts with Ambassador-class and NCC-26136 TNG: "Brothers"
NCC-70367 USS Galaxy Galaxy-class Seen on side of shuttlecraft stolen from this starship, conflicts with NCC-70637 TNG: "Identity Crisis"
NCC-71806 USS Yamato Galaxy-class Seen on filming model, conflicts with NCC-1305-E and NCC-71807 TNG: "Contagion"
NCC-73620 USS Ahwahnee Cheyenne-class Seen on illegible filming model, conflicts with NCC-71620 TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II"

Registries from Encyclopedia[]

The following registration numbers were used by Michael Okuda in the Star Trek Encyclopedia, but were never explicitly shown on-screen.

Registry Ship Name Class Note
NCC-189 USS Archon Daedalus-class Reference to starship from TOS: "The Return of the Archons"
NCC-235 USS Carolina Reference to starship from TOS: "Friday's Child"
NCC-623 USS Copernicus Oberth-class Overwritten with "NCC-640" from studio model
NCC-1223 USS Valiant Reference to starship from TOS: "A Taste of Armageddon"
NCC-1717 USS Yorktown Constitution-class Reference to starship from TOS: "Obsession"
NCC-2573 USS Roosevelt Excelsior-class
NCC-3069 USS Magellan Constellation-class Reference to starship from TNG: "Starship Mine"
NCC-3890 USS Gettysburg Constellation-class Registry number listed as "NCC-38902" in internal memo [4]
NCC-6203 USS LaSalle
NCC-6237 USS Arcos
NCC-10521 USS Ambassador Ambassador-class
NCC-10532 USS Horatio Ambassador-class Apart from the prototype and the Enterprise-C, the only spaceship in its class with a number that does not start with NCC-26xxx
NCC-11638 USS Agamemnon Apollo-class
NCC-13958 USS Okinawa Excelsior-class
NCC-14427 USS Lexington Excelsior-class Reference to starship from TNG: "Thine Own Self"
NCC-18253 USS Potemkin Excelsior-class Registry number listed as "NCC-8253" in internal memo [5]
NCC-20316 USS Fleming Reference to starship from TNG: "Force of Nature"
NCC-20381 USS Drake Reference to starship Drake from TNG: "The Arsenal of Freedom"
NCC-26198 USS Valdemar Ambassador-class
NCC-26632 USS Gandhi Ambassador-class
NCC-26849 USS Adelphi Ambassador-class
NCC-34043 USS Havana
NCC-34099 USS Livingston Excelsior-class
NCC-34852 USS Constantinople Overwritten with "NCC-43622" from an okudagram
NCC-38995 USS Crockett Excelsior-class
NCC-38997 USS Malinche Excelsior-class
NCC-40521 USS Gorkon Excelsior-class
NCC-42136 USS Cairo Excelsior-class
NCC-42857 USS Grissom Excelsior-class
NCC-42995 USS Al-Batani Excelsior-class
NCC-43837 USS Lalo
NCC-45109 USS Maryland Renaissance-class
NCC-50331 USS Biko Oberth-class
NCC-50446 USS Crazy Horse Excelsior-class
NCC-54927 USS Denver
NCC-57295 USS Rutledge New Orleans-class
NCC-57418 USS Portland
NCC-57537 USS Armstrong Challenger-class
NCC-57566 USS Kearsarge Challenger-class
NCC-59983 USS Raman Overwritten with "NCC-29487" from an okudagram
NCC-61137 USS Yorktown Overwritten with "NCC-20045" from an okudagram
NCC-61832 USS Lexington Nebula-class Reference to starship from DS9: "Explorers"
NCC-61952 USS Proxima Nebula-class
NCC-62006 USS Hera Nebula-class
NCC-62095 USS Tolstoy
NCC-63102 USS Renegade New Orleans-class
NCC-66808 USS Ulysses Nebula-class
NCC-68711 USS Concord Freedom-class
NCC-68814 USS Prokofiev
NCC-70073 USS Yellowstone Reference to starship from DS9: "Melora"
NCC-70956 USS Drake (2373) Reference to starship Drake from DS9: "Apocalypse Rising"
NCC-72453 USS Yangtzee Kiang Danube-class
NCC-72617 USS Mekong Danube-class
NCC-72905 USS Orinoco Danube-class
NCC-73196 USS Volga Danube-class
NCC-74602 USS Yukon Danube-class


In Dark Mirror, Diane Duane's mirror universe novel released before "Crossover", the Terran Empire is still in power during the 24th century, and starships don't use the NCC prefix, but rather an "ICC" prefix, like the ISS Enterprise (ICC-1701-D).

The novel Best Destiny, by Diane Carey, gives the meaning of NCC as "Naval Construction Contract", taking her cue from the 1975 Franz Joseph Blueprints, as elaborated upon above.


  1. A less common alternative to Franz Joseph's designation, "Navigational Contact Code", has been floating around in fan circles. This designation originated from David John Nielsen's U.S.S. Enterprise Heavy Cruiser Evolution Blueprints and Todd Allan Guenther's Ships of the Star Fleet reference book series. However, both works are unlicensed fan fiction, and further dissertation on the designation is outside the purview of MA.

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