The NCC-70637 shuttlecraft was a Type 7 shuttlecraft stolen from the USS Galaxy by Lieutenant Paul Hickman in 2367. As he was piloting the shuttle on a course to Tarchannen III, he was spotted by a Federation supply ship, which reported the sighting. A day later, the USS Enterprise-D came within visual range of the craft as it approached the planet. As the crew of the Enterprise attempted to communicate with Hickman in an effort at convincing him to stop his trajectory, the lieutenant accelerated the shuttle's rate of approach into the planetary atmosphere. This action resulted in the shuttle's destruction in the lower ionosphere. (TNG: "Identity Crisis")

The model of this shuttlecraft was labeled with two numbers: 70367, which was seen prominently on the starboard side of the hull, and 70637. This latter number was seen briefly above the rear hatch. Michael Okuda, in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, assigned this number to the USS Galaxy.
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