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"Nancy Crater is that one woman in Dr. McCoy's past."
– James T. Kirk, 2266 ("The Man Trap")

Nancy as she appeared during the 2250s, as portrayed by the M-113 creature.

Nancy Crater was a female Human civilian who lived during the mid-23rd century.

In 2254, Nancy became romantically involved with Dr. McCoy; she even had a nickname for him, "Plum". Their relationship had broke off by 2256, but McCoy's feelings for Nancy remained unchanged for almost a decade.

When McCoy saw Nancy for the first time in a decade, he stated that "she hasn't aged a day" and that "she doesn't look a day over thirty." If indeed she appeared exactly as she was last time they saw each other, this would place her date of birth to around 2226.

Later, Nancy was married to Federation archaeologist Robert Crater. In 2261, the Craters arrived at planet M-113, where Professor Crater began a multiyear archaeological excavation of the ruins of an ancient and extinct civilization.

In 2265, Mrs. Crater was killed by the last of the M-113 creatures. Her husband buried her on a hill. He forgave the creature, who afterwards took on the appearance of his wife. (TOS: "The Man Trap")


Background information

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.

The M-113 creature impersonating Nancy Crater was played by Jeanne Bal (as McCoy and Kirk saw her) and Francine Pyne (as Darnell saw her).

In the final draft script of "The Man Trap", Nancy Crater was established as being an archaeologist, in common with her husband, though the final version of the episode leaves the impression she was a civilian instead.


The James Blish novelization, calls her Nancy Bierce. In the novel, A Choice of Catastrophes, Bierce is said to be her maiden name, while the comic Who's Who in Star Trek 1 says her maiden name is Pagano.

McCoy's relationship with Nancy happened while he was still married to but separated from his wife Jocelyn Darnell (β). A Choice of Catastrophes speaks briefly of it when McCoy is musing over his past.

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