For the registry prefix, please see NAR.

Nar was a meek and mild-mannered male Overlooker of the Hierarchy, an interstellar entity in the Delta Quadrant.

Nar was a subordinate of Zet, the leader in an operation that abducted Kathryn Janeway and The Doctor in an attempt to steal USS Voyager's warp core. Janeway managed to befriend Nar in order to gain an advantage in a possible escape attempt, discovering he disliked his current line of work, and would have preferred working honorably as an independent dealer for spare engine parts. After obtaining the warp core, their ship was attacked by Voyager during a rescue attempt. Nar realized that Zet was going to detonate the warp core, which would kill the Voyager crew. He helped Janeway and The Doctor escape and retrieved the core by knocking out Zet. (VOY: "Renaissance Man")

Nar was played by Andy Milder.
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