Naroq was member of the Kesat Security. While in negotiating with Neelix and Tuvok, Tuvok was hit by weapons fire by a cloaked alien. Naroq believes that the alien was the Ba'neth, who were called the shadow people. Many Kesat believed them to be a myth. Naroq used a photolitic converter to reveal what the aliens might look like. Voyager adapted it to scan space and found that it was surround by Ba'Neth ships. The Doctor need to know what kind of weapon was used in order to cure Tuvok of the neuro-damage he suffered. When Janeway hailed them they fired and fled. Later Voyager would discover their hiding place and threatened to give this information to the Keset. The crisis was solved when Naroq offered to give the Ba'Neth the converter so they could remain hidden, in return for the information the Doctor needed to help Tuvok.

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