Naroq was a Kesat working as a Deputy Investigator of Kesat Security.

In 2376, he was sent to investigate an attack on Tuvok by a cloaked alien whom Naroq strongly believed was a member of the Ba'Neth. His belief in the "myth" of the Ba'Neth made him not highly thought of by his own people, which was why he was still only a deputy investigator. He had to bribe his supervisor with two bottles of Kesatian ale in order to get the assignment.

Naroq had been investigating into strange incidents of foreign starships being attacked by an unknown force when in Kesat space. This force would scan for tactical information on the alien ship, and if provoked, would cause severe neurological trauma leading to a loss of brain activity. Tuvok's incident would be the 13th such incident, and he believed that USS Voyager's encounter was the most promising so far in helping to prove the Ba'Neth existed, thanks to Tuvok's unique physiology, a chance at determining the Ba'Neth's cloaking frequency, and good timing.

Naroq developed various technologies to reveal the Ba'Neth, including the photolitic converter, which can detect the veridium isotopes left over by the Ba'Neth and reveal what the alien might look like. His device was adapted to Voyager's deflector array so the crew could scan space, although the range of the scan was short.

Thanks to Naroq's help, Captain Janeway was able to locate some Ba'Neth vessels and tried to learn about the weapon they used so that The Doctor could treat Tuvok. However, the Ba'Neth ships fled at each encounter. Voyager ultimately discovered a significant hiding place where a Ba'Neth space station was, and threatened to divulge its location to the Kesat unless the information regarding the weapon was provided to them.

In the end, the crisis was resolved when Naroq offered to give the Ba'Neth the converter so that they might remain hidden. In exchange the Ba'Neth agreed to supply the information needed to help Tuvok. (VOY: "Riddles")

Naroq was played by actor Mark Moses.
The costume was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]
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